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Acme Corp Pass

Book flexible workspaces through an easy-to-navigate smartphone app.

The Acme Corp Pass enables occupiers to supplement their owned and leased offices with a global network of over 5,000 on-demand, flexible spaces for one monthly price per employee.

The simplicity of a single vendor solution solves what is normally a complex process sourcing multiple flexible workspace operators with different service-level agreement.

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What we offer

Desk Membership

Access passes to desks in coworking / shared office environments, bookable by the day. Workspace, collaboration, and support areas shared with other members.

Private Office Membership

Access passes to private offices in coworking/flex office environments, bookable by the day. Workspace, collaboration, and support areas shared with other members.

Hub and Spoke Model

The hub and spoke model is perfect for a distributed workforce. Your team gets a dedicated office as well as the access to the entire network of 5,000 workspaces.

An extensive network

5,000 locations

70 countries

1,600 cities

670+ brands

Add new locations on-demand

+100 locations added every month

Long term growth aiming for a network of 20,000 locations within 3 years

1 agreement & 1 bill

A simple process for clients

Signup & Setup

Book a demo and have our team propose the perfect solution for your team.


Book Spaces

Find workspaces with the option to book immediately or in advance, on a mobile app or on the web.

Track Usage & Insights

Get valuable insights, track bookings, time used and see who’s working where and when. Adjust your plan as needed.

5,000+ locations in 70 countries

A simple process for brokers

Refer a Client

Submit your referrals so the Acme at Upflex can help craft a solution that fits your client’s needs.

Download Product Resources

Access video walkthroughs, FAQs, brochures, and any other Acme Corp Pass resources you need to get started and answer any question.

Track Commissions

See your commissions and the status of your payments on our commission dashboard.


Is there a self-service way for me to direct my client to use the app and still collect commissions?

Yes. You will need to submit the lead the same way, then the lead can sign up via a dedicated URL which we will provide to you.

How many spaces are on the network?

5,000 spaces and growing.

Once I submit my lead, will you contact the client without my knowledge?

No – we will always follow your lead on contacting the client.

How do I submit a lead?

You can submit a lead using our referral form. The form will ask for broker information and the requirements from the client.

What is the sales process after I submit my leads?

After we receive your lead, the Upflex sales team will reach out to you with a demo of the system (if you have not yet seen it) and a proposal for the client.

What resources are available to help me sell Upflex to my client?

Upflex will be able to provide you access to brochures, videos, and other documents to send to your prospective clients.

How can I tell how many spaces are on the network in certain cities?

You can see all our spaces at explore.upflex.com.

What is Upflex?

Upflex is the premier global Software-as-a-Service provider of hybrid workspace solutions. Our multifaceted technology connects occupiers, brokerages and space providers with solutions to manage the hybrid workplace while reducing overhead and increasing sustainability, satisfaction and scalability. Our global network gives users on-demand access to thousands of high-quality workspaces in 80+ countries around the world.

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