Columbia, SC 29209 vImage.src = '' + encodeURIComponent(frm.Email.value) + '&n=' + encodeURIComponent(frm.cd_FIRSTNAME.value); Can this program be adjusted to a 3 day split? Every person responds to weightlifting differently, some better, some worse. Beginners will often make what are called "newbie gains," because they are new to training and almost anything will work for building muscle. Join 500,000+ If you have a workout partner, you can get them to hold your ankles as well. Click Here For A Printable Log Of Back / Traps / Lats Days. Also would it hurt to bump the sets up to 4 instead of 3? This is important if you plan on eventually graduating to the advanced stage. The key to gain as much muscle mass as possible actually lies in the kitchen. For compound movements, the intermediate trainee should aim to get 25-35 total repetitions, per muscle group. Cool! M&S weekly newsletter sends you workouts, articles and motivation based on your goal. While counting out the time while lifting may not affect you as much as counting by 7s, this little test should still demonstrate the point that any counting is not in your best interest. The intermediate bodybuilding workout must be intense, of a higher volume than a typical beginner workout and focus on increasing strength in major lifts such as the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. If one consumes sufficient food/proteins and has enough active rest, then they can expect to gain at least 5-10 pounds of muscle per month in the "newbie gain" stage. It is very important to warm-up and stretch the muscle group that you will be targeting before you start your routine. I'd try to keep those 2 in this program. Therefore, I suggest you join the forums on if you haven't already. Anything after 10 years of experience would be considered professional. The workouts will ideally be full-body workouts, with mostly compound movements. Kick Some Mass: 12 Week Mass-Building Workout Get ready to pack on up to 4 pounds of quality mass in 12 weeks. thanks for this excellent programme.and what should i for do cardio after this progeamme? Join 500,000+ newsletter subscribers! When their program stops working for them, they may think they need a more advanced program, when all they really need is to take a step back and review the core basics of their program. Mesomorphs will quickly rise from the beginner stage and into the intermediate in about a year. I'm not sure if that changes the answer at all, but was wondering what your take would be. Day 2 - Recovery Workout (Optional, But Recommended), 5 minutes of cardio/dynamic movement warm-up. I gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle within two years. The greater the mental interference, the greater your neural drive to the muscles will be decreased. I plan on following the advanced guidelines when I reach a 315 pounds bench press, a 500 pounds parallel squat, a 550 pounds deadlift, and a bodyweight of 230 pounds at 7 percent body fat or less. This has been clearly demonstrated in studies. Editor's Note: Make sure you’re doing all the right things you need to be doing to build lean muscle mass. So if chest was a focus of this workout, you could do bench or dips followed by dumbbell flyes or cable cross-overs. [CDATA[// >