Bald Eagles rely on their feathers for balance. This was because they were often hunted for their feathers. However, it is still protected, along with its Golden cousin. Ghana Statistical Service: What They Do and How to Navigate the... Kwesi Appiah’s Solar Factory: Things Ghanaians Must Know About The Manufacturing... Joselyn Dumas Biography, Daughter, Relationships, Failures And Other Facts. The nest weighed over two tons. The answer is no, they don’t cry. In line with their proud and arrogant bearing, eagles obviously have confidence levels to match, because all other birds of prey have the habit of glancing over their shoulder before diving for their prey. They don’t let their need for food overrule their tactical thinking and cunning abilities. Seeing four times farther than our view, as the most accomplished birds of prey, eagles boast 20/4 vision and 100x better night vision. They’re known to dive in front of the sun during their attack so their prey is blinded. 3. In fact, they can survive up to 7 weeks without food. See Also: The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Birds. Eagles have excellent eyesight. The modern word ‘eagle’ was derived by corrupting an original word twice. Not only are eaglets the cutest things ever but they’re also stubborn birds. The hooked shape of their beak means they can easily grip their prey. They’re also loyal mates and great parents to their eaglets. No less than 25 countries currently have eagles depicted in their coats of arms. 20 Interesting Eagle Nebula Facts. This is down to an old law that hasn’t been changed, even though the Bald Eagle isn’t classified as endangered anymore. The only reason it’s called bald is that the word comes from the English word “piebald” which means “white-headed.”. 3. 20 Not long after the Eagles' official 1982 announcement of their split, Frey said they'd never do a "Greed and Lost Youth Reunion Tour." This means they’re capable of seeing from a variety of angles and seeking out their prey with ease. It was gotten from the Latin word Aquila through the French word Aigle. Facebook ; Prev Article Next Article . If a prey is in an eagle’s sight then they don’t stand much chance. See Also: The Ultimate Guide To What do Birds Eat. Question 6: Why is the Bald Eagle the Symbol of America? So, when they lose a feather on one side they will lose a matching feather on the other side to balance themselves out. 5 years ago. Bald Eagles keep their wings almost flat when they soar while the Turkey Vulture flies with its wings up in a “V” shape. See Also: Facts About Owls: 15 Fun & Mysterious Facts About Owls. Question 2: Have They Ever Been Endangered? While humans have to think to grip, eagles have to think to not grip. Eagles have excellent eyesight. They Build Their Nests on Top of High Cliffs, 5. You Can’t Pick a Bald Eagle Feather up Without a Permit, 14. Some eagles, such as the Golden Eagle, build their nests on the top of cliffs. Male and female eagles both take their parenting roles seriously and both play a crucial part in raising their young. Now, that’s some pretty impressive sight. So, if you’re out on a leisurely walk and you stumble across a Bald Eagle feather, it’s best to leave it well alone, unless you want to risk facing a hefty fine. The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird that is a sign of great strength and power. Most eagle species can be found in Asia and Africa, while the Bald Eagle is native to America. It' PicFacts. The surprising thing is that the adults allow this ‘survival of the fittest’ to happen without interfering. There are over 60 different species of eagle. 8. Check Out: 20 Most Beautiful Ghana Pictures You’ve Never Seen. The modern word ‘eagle’ was derived by corrupting an original word twice. 7. One final fact before I go. Of the 14 that are found elsewhere, Central/South America has nine, North America just two (the Golden and Bald eagles) and Australia three.2. As long as you don’t go climbing up hilltops and disturbing their nest then it’s likely that an eagle won’t bother you at all. You won’t need three guesses as to what the Snake and Serpent Eagles prefer to prey on.