Some aquarium heaters come with a pre-programmed temperature setting that is impossible to change. EHEIM precision aquarium heater – the legendary heater with modern technology and the latest features. This is true for all larger tanks. Apa Itu Heater, Fungsi Heater Dan Cara Menggunakan Heater Aquarium?, | Dalam cara merawat ikan hias di akuarium, baik jenis ikan hias air tawar maupun jenis ikan hias air laut, heater sangat diperlukan agar ikan hias kasayangan tetap sehat karena memiliki nafsu makan yang lahap dan terbebas dari berbagai penyakit yang biasa menyerang ikan. RS Electrical Aquarium Heater (300 Watt) with Auto On/Off Thermostat 5 to 12 ft Tank Imported Submersible Aquarium Immersion High Glass Heater by RS Electrical 298 750 + 79 delivery Very precise, very easy to use and guaranteed... EAN: 4011708361238 Best small heaters from 5 to 25 watts that you can use for nano aquariums 1-5-gallon with Betta fish as well as other small tropical fish. A 5 gallon fish tank heater is the most efficient way to heat up a nano tropical aquarium. The in-built thermostat keeps your aquarium at a balmy 25°C by sensing the water temperature and automatically turning itself on or off to maintain a stable temperature. So even though this heater worked for a few years I expect better for a heater at this price. Product overview This neat little heater takes the guesswork out of keeping your tropical aquarium at the correct temperature. You can purchase an EHEIM Jager 25 watt heater on here for only $5 more than this one (as of the date of this review) and those are some of the best, most reliable heaters in the hobby. A 25 watt aquarium heater is undoubtedly the best option to heat up your small aquarium. So instead of getting one 375 watt heater, get two 175 – 200 watt heaters for a 75 gallon tank. Adjustable Temperature. For the record I've tested this heater in an empty 2.5 gallon tank. An informative comparison table is also included. The following article will give you detailed information about the top heaters for 5 … This article reviews some of the best small aquarium heaters you can use in a small tank with Bettas, tropical fish, and shrimps. A 25-watt aquarium heater is the best option if you own a nano tropical aquarium or bowl under 5 gallons and want to keep a stable temperature range for your fish.