You refused to submit this information as well. In my shipment most of the items were substitutions. You then responded to the BBB advising you were satisfied with the resolution, and you would remove your negative review. Majority of packages not sealed/airtight with powder and food inside both tubs. It came with a $25 coupon for another purchase and wanted to try the Fruit, Veggie, Snack Kit, so I went ahead and ordered. These aren't your run-of-the-mill "energy bars.". As a courtesy, I will send a Sun Kettle once they return to stock later this month. This is smelling like a scam. That should have been a warning to me. We have decided to end our relationship with you indefinitely. SAD. I was missing a significant portion of the package, 16 meals of main course (Dinner Bell Broccoli Bake) and 8 meals of old-fashioned pudding (24 servings total). Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Still have not gotten any tracking information. In a crisis... your #1 need is food. I did receive the two boxes I ordered for the holiday sale but still no replacement box from my first original two box order. DON'T DO IT. I needed to spend $100 to use the coupon, so added a 72 hour kit, which happened to be on special, buy one, get one. If you look them up (I should have done this first) they have at least FIVE COMPANY NAMES. We appreciate your feedback regarding your 4-week Survival Food kit purchase. Also no links for the online free books I was supposed to get. Additional oatmeal may be sent as other breakfast options have been out of stock at the time of your purchase. She said she would have the person who was in charge of helping to get the solar panels working to call me and I needed to resume my payments. I have been purchasing products and food for years. Slow response can be worked through, but weeks before an acknowledgment is not good. Thank you for submitting feedback for your recent order. Can you please respond with your other order numbers so I may investigate further? I ordered the 4-week survival food kit. The 4-week food supply advertised a free gift if ordered before July 4th which I really was looking forward to receiving and was not included. This company has claimed this profile, is getting alerted on any new customer reviews entering this page, and may engage in dialogue with its customers to address their matters. And missing were the $80.00 in free gifts. Upon review of your order, it was signed for by BBellmore on 5/18/2020 as shown here: Due to your lack of response, we applied a full refund in good faith to your payment method on 7/29/2020. I called, and have been told they are being replaced. I apologize for any confusion about the 4-week kit that was purchased and the promotion you saw advertised. Please let me know if I can assist you further. You can purchase items like a 4-week or 72-hour survival food kit, or you can purchase freeze-dried food. Numerous times. After the pandemic hit, they were out of stock, but I was on the notification list, and was notified that the four-week food kits were back in stock and ready to be shipped. However, given their lack of response, I am demanding a refund of their fraudulent charge to my checking account. I was initially excited to find this company, but the experience quickly soured when my shipment arrived. Unfortunately, the agreement was not paid in full after numerous attempts to collect on the debt for over a year. You advised that many meals were leaking into the totes or not sealed correctly. We depend on feedback like yours to make our services and products the best they can be. We are also kindly asking that you remove your negative review from the site "Highya" as it contains untrue information about our business practices. Food 4 Patriots sells pre-packaged survival kits containing high quality dehydrated food that is claimed to remain fresh in “waterproof storage totes” for as long as 25 years. Our Emergency Food Bars require no cooking, added water, or heat source. To anyone who is reading this, give them a chance, their products are top choice. I contacted 4Patriots by email and NO RESPONSE. I'm sorry you feel this is a scam. Our Facebook team also refunded your order in full and advised you to keep the order, free of charge, due to your negative experience. You will find the link to your tracking information below. The Sun Kettles, coffee, and cocoa will be included. Not sure I'll ever see anything. just to get what their guarantee promised...100% money back (requiring customers to pay to ship large totes back due to defective/inaccurate product would in no way be 100% money back IMHO!). I have gone on to order the deluxe protein kit, the meat kit, and a 4-week kit. At 4Patriots, we champion freedom and self-reliance. Thank you for providing feedback. The 4-week kit comes standard with 4 pouches of oatmeal, 4 pouches of plain white rice, and 2 pouches of our Creamy Vegetable Rice dinner as shown here: We entered into a mutual agreement with you for the Patriot Power Generator in February of 2018. We offered to replace any servings not received and the damaged meal(s). $200+ in free stuff...I got a solar kettle. This is a total ripoff and I can't believe the people who created these meals have any type of dietary expertise and obviously are not qualified to create a nutrition plan. And why did they not keep their settlement agreement? I apologize that you did not receive your complete order. Now we are at ease and know we have enough to eat and can stay home until things get better! Reviews - 4Patriots - Emergency Food Bars in a crisis... your #1 need is food. Thankfully, because I've been purchasing for so long, I have enough supplies to support 8 family members for more than a year without ever going to a store. Contacted CS the same day received (ordered two 4-week supply, 4th of July special) because upon inspection, the "free" bonus gifts were missing (listed as shipped on the invoice...NOT!). The link they sent didn’t work. They sent me an email stating I received the order but I haven't received half my order. We also emailed you return labels for the kits. Please see our return policy here: We do not advertise our kits as GMO-Free, nor do we claim our foods contain organic ingredients. The "equal value" substitutions included pancake mix, banana chips, powdered whey milk, a couple of pouches of creamy chicken soup, and a pouch of broccoli casserole. I am checking back with you as the shipping labels we sent to you have not been printed or used as of today. I will be happy to replace any damaged items in your kit. I am sorry that it did not meet your expectations but I would be happy to help. We ended our relationship with you due to the nonpayment of your account and the failure to return the generator. One of your orders did contain a promotional item (Sun Kettle) that was on backorder and set to ship on or around 7/22/2020. 4. Thank you for submitting feedback regarding your recent 4-week Survival Food Kit purchase. Try to post a review and look at their threat and loophole to keep negative reviews off! However, MSG occurs naturally in ingredients such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, soy extracts, and protein isolate, as well as in tomatoes and cheeses.