Mr. Olympia, of course, is the premier event in the world of pro bodybuilding—the event that made 7-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name back in the 1970s. 6'1" - 210 lbs. Off-Season Weight: 270 lb From there Yamagishi continued to improve, cracking the top 10 at the 2009 Mr. Olympia and finishing 2nd in a couple other pro events that year. Height: 5’7” What kind of success? 5'9" - 180 lbs. Trunk Warren is more like it. Height: 5’8” Miscellaneous Stat: can bench press 600 lb. Competition Weight: 220 lb 5'6" - 165 lbs. In 2008 the then 38-year-old became only the second man to win both the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia in the same year. The base model stands 6’ tall and weighs 200 pounds. He won the Arnold Classic in 2009 and 2010, then didn’t compete in 2011. Dexter “The Blade” Jackson has been around for a pretty long time. It is important to note that the figures are an average and will change depending on a number of factors. Anyway, at the age of 36, Branch here is currently experiencing his best run as a IFBB pro bodybuilder. Height: 5’6” The most common way to determine 5’ 11″ ideal weight is to look it up on a BMI chart, but some tables do not include 5 foot 11 inchs. Off-Season Weight: 270 lb He’s competed regularly in the big championships for the last decade, finishing as high as 6th in Mr. Olympia, 6th in the Arnold Classic, and 2nd in this year’s New York Pro. Or any iron at all, really. Here is the height-to-weight chart for building a classic physique: 5'5" - 160 lbs. It will be easy to get to 200, 5'11" with a lot of muscle if he trains hard and remains patient. Shortly thereafter, Rockel saw the Schwarzenegger film Conan the Barbarian and decided he wanted to look like that. 6'5" - 250 lbs. Off-Season Weight: 275 lb Competition Weight: 250 lb He placed 7th in the 2011 Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition, which is the second most important competition after Mr. Olympia. Unlike the Jay Cutler who is the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, this guy has had nothing but success over the last decade. Miscellaneous Stat: he was “the fat kid” until he got hooked on pumping iron after his first year of high school. His purpose in this context is to remind you to always tan evenly, lest you end up looking like a bad Photoshop gag come to horrifying life. At 29-year-old and 5’11”, Evan Centopani is younger and taller than most of the established bodybuilding stars on this list. 5'6" - 165 lbs. Johnnie Otis Jackson became an IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilders) professional bodybuilder back in 2002, and today the 40-year-old New Jersey native is still going strong. Most off-season bodybuilders are a lot heavier than that and they look great. Bust out the speedos and body grease, folks. It’s time to get pumped about bodybuilding, because the 2011 Mr. Olympia competition is coming up in about a month. He might be a world-famous bodybuilder for all I know, but his name, his hopes, and his dreams aren’t really in my sphere of knowledge. I don’t know this guy’s name or his stats, I just know that he’s a ripped competitive bodybuilder, he had a tanning mishap and he looks hilarious, so I’m putting him on this list. 5'7" - 170 lbs. He has been a competitive bodybuilder since 1992, and he made his pro debut back 1999. Height: 5’9” He placed 7th in his first IFBB Arnold Classic back in 2010, then went on to win his first IFBB New York Pro Championships later that year. Phil Heath is just hitting his prime at thirty-one years of age, but that’s not to say he hasn’t already tasted success. After somehow losing the 2008 Mr. Olympia title to Dexter Jackson, Cutler became only the third person to ever regain his Mr. Olympia title (the others being Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu), and the only person to regain is from the guy who took it in the first place. Well, OK, I could take a guess as to his dreams: They probably have to do with getting as ripped as possible. A healthy BMI for someone 5′ 11” is between 133 pounds and 179 pounds. Competition Weight: 235 lb The National Physique Committee, or NPC, divides their competitions into up to six different classes for men and four for women. for each inch over this height. 5'8" - 175 lbs. He won the New York Pro on his first try in 2006. No more mediocrity. 5'10" - 185 lbs. He’s won four of the last five Mr. Olympia competitions (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010), and in the past he’s won three Arnold Classics (2002-2004). The male classes go from bantamweight, where competitors weigh up to 143 1/4 pounds, right up to super-heavyweight, for … Competition Weight: 250 lb Off-Season Weight: 245 lb He was five when the above video was made, when would make him about seven or eight years old now, and even more likely to kick your ass. The most common way to determine 5’ 11″ ideal weight is to look it up on a BMI chart, but some tables do not include 5 foot 11 inchs. Miscellaneous Stat: subject of a (probably commissioned) documentary called Dexter Jackson: Unbreakable. I’m going to call this bonus entry “No. 5'11", 210 looks great with a lot of muscle. Competition Weight: 245 lb 5'10" - 185 lbs. 6'2" - 220 lbs. Miscellaneous Stat: his fans call him “The Beast,” but Roelly devotes a lot of time to supporting children’s charities. Let's get things done brothers and sisters. Roelly Winklaar, a 34-year-old Dutch Antilles native, is still relatively new on the pro bodybuilding scene, but he’s already made quite a splash. Bodybuilders cannot use normal height-to-weight ratio charts because they are designed for people with less muscle mass. So there is no better time get acquainted with the stars of the sport. 6'1" - 210 lbs. For every inch over that, the ideal weight goes up 10 pounds. Competition Weight: 245 lb Height: 5’7” Have you finally done it? 5'8" - 175 lbs. Height To Weight Ratio For Building A Classic Physique: Miscellaneous Stat: has an artistic side, and claims: “I utilized my own physique to gain a greater understanding of space and movement, creating works of art that became increasingly detailed and complex over time.”. His greatest success, however, has only come more recently. If his results were just a little more consistent, he’d probably be higher up on this list. The National Institutes of Health provides a rough estimate of desirable body weight for height. No, in case you couldn’t tell, this is not that Victor Martinez (the guy who plays first base and catcher for the Detroit tigers). 6'3" - 230 lbs. at 5 feet and then an extra 6 lbs. Since then, he’s finished 2nd in the Arnold Classic twice and 2nd in Mr. Olympia once, just last year.