4 years ago. However, there are steps you can do to reduce or manage that aggression. This means if you want to choose the safest option, keeping your flowerhorn by itself is the way to go. But to the point "how am I going to make my flowerhorn aggressive" possible to share your experience then I will try it out on my Flowerhorn and update you if the kok has become bigger. This allows both to become familiar with each other. Flowerhorn cichlids are especially aggressive when they breed. Aggression is largely determined by genetics. One of the reasons is to keep the flowerhorn active and aggressive. 1. NO i dont want it to be aggressive for fighting fish. As they are not a naturally occurring fish and are genetically altered during creation/line-breeding, it possibly leads to aggressive behaviour. NO i dont want it to be a killer. 3. When flowerhorn shows agressiveness, its potential is fully shown and is very eye-catching to hobbyists. 3. reply #4. These are big fish that view the tank as theirs, and there’s really no way around that. In many cases, the red parrots were killed or beaten badly by the flowerhorn. With other breeds of flowerhorns, the red parrot would be killed shortly after putting it to the tank. Let the breeders live together in a single tank divided by a clear glass or acrylic for a long time; up to 2 month or more if needed. Like blood parrot cichlids, they are man-made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release. Flowerhorns can be aggressive. Because of their aggressive nature, flowerhorn cichlids are difficult to find roommates for. Context won't change the character. Properly prepare your flowerhorn breeding couple. Flowerhorn Cichlid Tank Mates. They are a dominating fish and like to define their own tank space. If the male needs to be separated, a permeable separator will allow the eggs to be fertilized. 2. Jaded. Again, it can’t be emphasized enough to have a separator ready should the male be overly aggressive to the female. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump. I advise you take a look and monitor his/her behaviour and you can tell me about it, kind of like keeping a journal! You can't make a fish more aggressive. There have been times when a male Flowerhorn even caused the death of the fish that was meant to be his mate. what i want is for it to chase my finger around like i see in those videos and so it can breed with my female flowerhorn fish. Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Males are slightly more aggressive than the females. Females are usually less colourful than the males, however there is nothing dull about these magnificent Flower Horns (one of my fave fish species!)