GoMacro Katz looked at the peanut butter chocolate chip protein pleasure flavor of GoMacro . Where to Store Homemade Perfect Bars? Consumed in moderation, these bars can have a place in a healthy eating plan. Room temperature: You can keep these copycat protein bars at room temperature for up to a week! Are Perfect Bars healthy? Store in an airtight container or resealable bag. How healthy is your favourite cereal bar? In a nutshell, these bars have a “health-halo” effect – consumers perceive their refrigeration status as a … They start with a delicious, creamy blend of freshly ground peanut butter and almond butter, then add organic honey and nutrient dense whole foods and whole food protein. Zone Perfect nutrition bars are a good source of protein and supply many needed vitamins and minerals. What the FDA Says About Kind Bars. So, are Kind bars healthy? Great question. She makes her bars using mostly natural sugars with a little brown rice syrup to sweeten things a little more. You can feel confident leaving the house with one of these in hand for the perfect on-the-go healthy snack. They're plain tasty, though high in fat and sugar. "Larabars are a perfect dessert substitute for sweet-tooth cravings," Katz says. Kind bars, like many other granola bars (including Clif Bars and Lara Bars), are packed with sugar (as well as questionable ingredients), and contain little fat. In fact, I get asked SO often if perfect bars are healthy (and if other refrigerated bars are healthy, too), that I wrote an entire article about it (you can read it here)! The bars contain a blend of nutritious seeds along with fruit, oats, and immunity-boosting spices. It’s time to find out. So, are cereal bars really healthy? Perfect Foods Bars are delicious, great tasting bars that DON'T have any added chemical preservatives. The healthy fats and natural sugars in these bars … If you are eating it just as a snack, you should stick to bars around 220 calories. I recommend SuperFoods, Perfect Bar, 22 Days, Quest, and Organic Food bars. Some can also contain gut-healthy fibre, meaning some cereal bars are an easy way to get in your daily intake of 30g. To start, you can’t discuss whether or not Kind bars are healthy … The main ingredient in Perfect Bars is nut butter, which makes them extra creamy; each one also contains up to 17 grams of whole-food protein and a combination of 20 superfoods (think organic flax seed oil and kale). However, these bars are also high in sugar and saturated fat.