The richest option for those looking for color contrasts, character and intriguing grain patterns, this grade will show an occasional mineral streak or pin knot, which we feel only add to the species' character and charm. Come visit us in Laval and Dorval! The width of the wood strips is 3 1/8 inches. Talk to our flooring experts today. The hardwood is natural birch. Repairing Yellow Birch Hardwood Floor. Call us at (613) 688-2080. Tweet on Twitter. Yellow Birch has a white sapwood and light reddish brown heartwood. We also provide flooring installation services. Question: What I got is site-finished floor. Generally characterized by a plain and often curly or wavy pattern. Why? Dubeau Floors has 80 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of premium hardwood floors. One type of birch flooring that is available is sometimes referred to as red birch. Need Help With Yellow Birch Flooring? The wood is generally straight-grained with a fine uniform texture. Barwood Pilon has been offering you a vast selection of top quality hardwood floors for over 25 years. I moved into the brand new house in the end of July. The sapwood produces a pale white to creamy yellow hardwood, while the heartwood variant is a red-tinged brown color. COLOR: Bavaria is a dark color that features rich brown undertones while enhancing the natural characteristics of the wood. 3/4" x 3-1/4" Yellow Birch Prefinished Solid Flooring- 5 Yr Warranty WHY HARDWOOD AND NOT OTHER FLOORING OPTIONS? Question and Answers. Yellow birch provides two different color variations. Testing by leading allergists shows that wood flooring provides homes with a substantially healthier environment than homes with other types of flooring. BOTANICAL NAME: The type of Birch most commonly used for wood flooring is Yellow Birch… By. GRADE: The Variation grade features moderate to pronounced color variation from light to dark as well as wood characteristics. Yellow birch hardwood floors. Sweet Birch SPECIES: Yellow Birch is a medium grain wood featuring wavy mineral streaks resulting in an elegant and contemporary hardwood floor. Share on Facebook. It is actually the heartwood of the yellow birch. Yellow Birch is available in the Coastal grade as a popular choice among those desiring diversity in a floor's appearance. Made in Canada. Xpression Floors provides hardwood, tile, laminate, cork and bamboo flooring to residential and commercial clients.