The bulge away from the end of the bit is what provides the axe its splitting power. The double bevel helps you to achieve accurate and precise results. The workmanship on the axe should also mean that the blade itself is protected against chips and other forms of damage. If you get an axe with a perfect sense of balance and weight distribution you'll find that this can make a huge difference. You will find that the flat cutting edge achieves some truly wonderful cuts and helps you to make quick work of your lumber. When sharpening your axe be mindful of the bevel or angle at the bit end. Hewing axes are designed to cut and shape large pieces of wood. The right length will help you to generate the appropriate amount of power that you require without sacrificing on accuracy. This product is best for carving enthusiasts who aren't afraid to invest in a quality item that will reward them with great performance and act as a life-long companion. The manufacturer's are so confident in their work that they offer a lifetime warranty! Finding the right length is one thing, but finding an appropriate balance and feel is another. The quality of the axe is evident as soon as you pick it up, and it can be used for a wide range of tasks such as chopping logs, branches, splitting firewood, and more. ). This will help you to find a hewing axe that will last for many years to come. This product is best for woodworkers who want a hewing axe with a long handle and a very capable flat blade that can get great cuts. You should think carefully about the design that you really want - do you want something more modern and sleek, or would you prefer a classic option that has more angular handles? Great workmanship where everything feels great. The long, straight cutting edge and thin blade on this option really helps you to achieve stability and control when it comes to your cutting. Carving axes can have flat symmetrical bevels but I prefer grinding them with asymmetrical bevels. The balance can be a little challenging to understand at first. The workmanship is spectacular and you can really look forward to using this for many years to come thanks to a 20-year manufacturer's warranty. In use the wide bevel faces the workpiece and rides against it, supporting the cut, and enhancing control of the tool. This durable half hatchet has a very flat edge and a hammer on the opposite side. These qualities mean that this hewing axe is the perfect fit if you're performing carpentry and other types of wood work. This gives you maximum control and eliminates any type of wobble that might come with sustained use. This hewing axe can achieve a truly impressive edge that must be respected. Axe This is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. This makes the tool versatile and strong, capable of helping you with a wide range of important tasks. This is a no easy task and as you can imagine, hewing axes are quality items that have been perfected over the years to offer the best experience possible. The defining feature of a carving axe is its edge geometry which gives it greater control in use than standard hatchets. Most axes have a 30-40 degree angle at the end of the bit and a 15-20 degree angle about ½” from the cutting edge. The 23-3/4" handle is accented by a 3.1lb head with a long and flat cutting edge. There are lots of hewing axe options out there - we hope that you find the one that you're looking for! The high-carbon edge is sandwiched between thick layers of softer steel to create a truly amazing edge that can make quick work of the toughest woods. The handle itself has been created specifically to help reduce the shock that is generated from the heavy wedge. If you are an outdoors enthusiast or woodworker who needs a reliable hewing axe, there are lots of potential options out there. The varnish on the handle could lead to uncomfortable experiences and might have to be removed manually. Discussion in 'Axe, Tomahawk, & Hatchet Forum' started by jmacdoug, Oct 27, 2013.