A book that should be read by everyone in mathematics regardless of level is Wolfe's A Tour Through Mathematical Logic. The basics of formal logic are also pretty solid and help in tackling both the analytical and logical reasoning sections. This book is a comprehensive introduction to formal logic. It's simply a compulsory read, I couldn't put it down. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. Richard Arthur's An Introduction to Logic is a very easy to read book with a focus on natural language. It gives a broad overview of mathematical logic and set theory along with its history, and it is absolutely beautifully written. It also grows with you, from a beginner who has never seen formal logic to the time when you start to get curious about non-standard logics. Although the book does not contain any full-length practice tests, it forms a potent combo along with the Official LSAT PrepTests. It has plenty of examples which are formal, and many more from newspapers, TV, etc. Discover the best Philosophy of Logic & Language in Best Sellers. The book even has good suggestions for approaching the Reading Comprehension section. Although it does not have an index, the table of contents is sufficient to provide the reader with an idea of where to find various topics. That's the best place for anyone to begin.