Climates like Arizona’s that are hot and balmy or that remain temperate and steadily warm are ideal for growing citrus trees. Of the 4 states in the United States that can produce citrus, Arizona is luckily one of them. Lemons are SUPER picky trees and do best in well-drained soil to keep diseases and fungus away from the roots. Citrus trees are heavy feeders, so it is important to fertilize them a handful of times throughout the year for proper growth, health and fruit production. Citrus trees flourish in Southwestern areas such as Arizona, and like all plants, need nutrients from fertilizer to grow. Some citrus trees can be grown in the low Mojave desert, such as Palm Springs, California, as well as in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona in the Sonoran desert where winters are warm. When Should I Plant Citrus Trees? University of Arizona Bulletin MC91. az1671-2015. In the East Phoenix Valley, citrus trees are evergreen and will grow from about mid-August to October, and then again from February until the dry summer months.With careful planning, and by selecting different varieties of citrus, it’s possible to grow your own fresh citrus for 9 months of the year! FACT: Of all citrus trees, lemons are the most sensitive to frost. Come shop the best and biggest selections for citrus and fruit trees for your yard today! 1 2 Next » The lower deserts of Arizona are one the world’s best climates for growing citrus. Apple Tree. One of the best things about living in Arizona is that the combination of warm sunshine and well-drained soil makes it possible to grow citrus trees in our area. Consult your local nursery for the varieties for your area because many citrus trees do not like very hot weather either and are subject to sunburn. Adapted from and replaces: Chott, G., Chard, C., Bradley, L., 1998. Your best fruit tree options for home landscaping are lemon, orange, tangerine, lime, … Tucson, AZ . Tip: If it says "dwarf citrus," it is probably well-suited for growing in a container. An advantage to growing a poolside citrus tree in a container is that you can move it around to follow or protect it from the sun. Warm days and cool nights in winter produce wonderful fruit and the desert climate allows the growing of trees organically without the use of pesticides. However, you do need to know that citrus trees require special care to help them thrive. This publication provides Arizona gardeners and homeowners with practical instruction on how much commercial fertilizer to apply to their citrus tree, and when to make those applications. Citrus Trees. As a homeowner, you may love the idea of picking a fresh orange off a tree in your backyard. Fetilizing Citrus Chart. Moon Valley Nurseries has a wide selection of citrus and fruit trees to choose from.