Research has shown that organizations (private, and public entities) are all woefully vulnerable to cyberattacks. Median pay: $105,590. Further Reading: Most Affordable Online Colleges,, Best Liberal Arts Colleges & Universities, Best Online Colleges for Associates Degrees, Most Affordable Accredited Online Colleges, Accredited Online Medical Assistant Programs, Accredited Respiratory Therapy Schools & Programs, 10 Most Affordable Accredited Online Colleges, 6 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well, Fastest Accelerated Online Degrees by Degree Level, Easiest PhD and Shortest Doctoral Programs Online, Regional vs. National Accreditation – There’s a Huge Difference, 4-Week Online Course for Medical Coding and Billing, Ultimate Dream Job: Get Paid to Binge Watch Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts, Best Colleges with Lowest Acceptance Rates, Online College Courses for Senior Citizens, Top 10 Majors for Getting Into Law School. For example, an automotive company may want to find a way to reduce production costs while still manufacturing vehicles that meet safety and environmental standards, while a pharmaceutical corporation could use applied mathematics to create balanced and accurate clinical trials. Masters), Cheapest Online PHD Programs and Online Doctoral Programs. Accordingly, those on biomedical engineering undergraduate degree programs ought to be involved in finding answers to medical problems by creating technological devices and systems that work successfully. Hence, firms of all sizes – from small regional businesses to household-name brands – invariably need computer specialists who can swoop in to fix any tech problems or swiftly build user-friendly websites to clients’ specifications. Indeed, CareerCast ranked working as an actuary as the best career avenue available in both 2013 and 2015. This could be in fields like business, engineering, healthcare, and even customer relations. While computer science and information technology – or IT for short – may seem like similar fields, there are actually marked differences between the two. And the massive power grids that deliver that electricity to our homes, businesses and institutions are typically maintained by those with electrical engineering expertise. For anyone still chasing the American Dream, setting up and running a successful company may be the way to realize it. In addition, they may be required to be able to design and successfully utilize computer programs. Moreover, in 2016 financial analysts brought in enviable median salaries of $81,760, according to the bureau. These three lists were then collated into one by awarding each degree cited a weighted score. A 2012 study by Forbes ranked applied mathematics as one of the top ten most valuable college majors available when it comes to future earning potential. Undoubtedly, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that demand for hardware engineers will grow by 7 percent in the ten years from 2012. • Glassdoor, “50 Highest Paying College Majors” Students looking to get a career in genetic counseling first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a health science-related topic and then apply to a master of science program in genetics or genetic counseling. One of our top degrees for the future, a degree an Anthropology is a strong option for students looking for a degree that will afford them a variety of different employment opportunities beyond college. Without further ado, this is EDsmart’s list of ten best majors and career choices that can land you a position in the future job market. They could even translate to a career as an aerospace engineer, a role for which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median salary of $109,650 in 2016. Short of an apocalypse that forces human development back into a pre-computer era, this is without a doubt a bachelor degree job in high demand, and one of the best degrees for the future. A master of science in nursing is one of the best degrees to earn for a career in nursing—especially in the near future. You can learn more about predicted trends in the job market by checking out the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Perhaps even more promisingly, the DOL has estimated that the need for people in these roles will only increase in the U.S. in the coming years. When flipping through college brochures, prospective students may come across the word “FAME.” This isn’t, however, a major in how to become a celebrity; rather, it’s an acronym for the intertwined subjects “Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics.” Still, while those studying for a bachelor’s degree in finance may not eventually become household names, they can still command enviable salaries once they go into the world of work. Certainly, they’re well suited to becoming market research analysts, a role for which Business Insider has projected 92,300 new openings in the U.S. from 2015 to 2024. More and more people have college degrees, and companies often prefer hiring individuals who have completed four or more years of higher education. Unlike aides that do the clerical work or set up treatment areas, assistants are directly involved in patient care. Are There Any Specializations Within Bachelor Degree Programs? These days, virtually every company on the planet relies heavily on computers to keep their organizations running, and this is something that’s unlikely to change any time soon. How Much Money Will I Make With My Undergrad In Business? For example, Computer Science ranked third in the Degree Ranking, earning it 97 points. For example, whereas computer science’s focus is often programming, those in IT typically focus more on the management and installation of computer systems or the development of technological networks. Those with a love of tech and its intricacies may find themselves at home as computer programmers or software developers, for example. What are the Most Common Accrediting Agencies for Colleges and Universities Offering Undergraduate Degrees? See our ranking of The Top 15 Undergrad Business Degrees for more information. Course work can include studies in calculus, differential equations, linear and abstract algebra, as well as courses in the desired area of specialization … That said, you […] 1. To that figure, the Future Job Scores for the jobs app developer (41), computer systems analyst (37), computer and information systems manager (26) and software systems developer (21) were added – so 97 + 41 + 37 + 26 + 21 = 222. Indeed, the site states that there will be an estimated 439,300 new posts for registered nurses from 2015 to 2024. Software developers can be found creating apps, user experience design, creating systems that run devices, or control networks and more. To become a software developer, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. Actuarial science typically utilizes mathematical and statistical data to ascertain the probabilities of such events occurring, and in the process it helps create an understanding of how companies can safely adapt to unforeseen circumstances. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected, the number of roles for those in IT and computer-related fields are estimated to increase by 12 percent in the years from 2014 to 2024. For the bachelor’s degrees with the best future salary potential, we consulted the following: • PayScale, “Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees by Salary Potential” • Glassdoor, “50 Highest Paying College Majors” • Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, “The Economic Value of College Majors” They are involved in all aspects of an organization and use statistical modeling to analyze information and provide solutions. What’s more, the interpersonal and problem-solving skills that industrial engineers may well use on the job ought to serve them well in other careers, too. With many registered nurses retiring and leaving the workforce, there is a massive deficit of nurses with advanced skills. In essence, it deals with the sale and supply of items to corporations, manufacturers and distributors, and students of industrial distribution are likely to also dip their toes into aspects of math, science, data management and quality control along the way. • Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, “The Economic Value of College Majors”.