It pretty much feels like you’re putting silk on your face! However, it goes without saying that your experience won’t be as regal and luxurious as being in the vineyards of the South of France. Fortunately, even though many of these products aren’t available at the American drugstore, they’re only a few clicks away! 4 comments: Mandi | No Apathy Allowed July 22, 2014 at … • It has a special effect that other American drugstore micellar waters don’t have. People also like to call this a facial in a bottle to which I can attest. Simply take one stroll through Target, Walgreens, or your local CVS to see the aisles are now filled with hidden beauty gems. But in my opinion, no other micellar water holds a candle to Bioderma. That’s what I did and so far, no side effects. Given the immense success of this particular product, Weleda announced in October that the launch of their new Skin Food collection products will include a moisturizer with a lighter formula, a body butter cream and a lip balm. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I love how the French have a more minimalist approach to skincare. My teeth felt much cleaner and the freshness lasted much longer throughout the day than with my regular Colgate toothpaste. Even Pat Mcgrath, the most iconic makeup artist of our time swears by it! The travel-sized bottle retails for 11 euro in Europe, as opposed to the almost $20 price tag in the US. This product is the pinnacle of French skincare, beloved by pharmacists, dermatologists and makeup artists. Legend has it, that her youthful complexion enchanted the King of Poland, who was 55 years her junior. Each product is under the $20 price-point. It heavily moisturizes the skin and since it’s a dry oil, your hands won’t feel sticky or greasy afterwards. When I woke up the next morning the results were visible. Nuxe also has a gold shimmering oil, perfect to enhance your tan all over your body on those balmy summer days. • Retinol can’t be used on the same day that you apply AHA’s, BHAs or other exfoliators. It retails for $20 on Amazon, so not as dirt-cheap as in France, but still affordable. This toothpaste was created in 1958 in Florence and was intended to be a smoker’s toothpaste. My personal favorite is the aquatic mint. This is not a drugstore product by any means but since it’s French, I wanted to talk about this miracle product. In one quick google search, you will find a common thread on P50: rotten vinegar smell and extremely bad tingling sensation. It’s a must-have in every makeup artists’ kits for a reason. Keep reading for my list of the best European drugstore facial products! France. Apivita Hydrating & Antioxidant Mask Peek into any celebrity or influencer medicine cabinet and you’ll be guaranteed to see a P50 lotion as well as other BR product. Biologique Recherche has been around for 40 years and is ten times cheaper in Europe. Another bonus point is that it doesn’t turn into a thick foam. It gently cleanses skin and removes makeup without disrupting the skin's natural hydrolipid film. For those unfamiliar with Intothegloss, it’s like the beauty bible. Did you know that the Beauty Elixir is the best-selling face mist in Sephora? A few weeks after I wrote this, I switched to P50 1970! The first thing that will strike you is the strong vinegar smell, but in all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as described and the tingling sensation was very minimal. I love how gentle it is – just one swipe across my face with a cotton pad and voila, most of my makeup is gone. It is very buttery and super thick, so you might want to rub it in your fingertips first. When you go to the spa, an esthetician will give you a free consultation and recommend the best P50 lotion based on your skin’s needs. They use cheap, yet effective multi-purpose products as opposed to the US, where people use a gazillion different products and fall victim to the latest skincare trends and releases (aka me). The secret is out because every time I walk into a specialized beauty store here in LA, they either have very limited stock or are completely sold out! Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. If you want to know what it feels like to be chic, you need this product in your life. Because I was in Spain for the holidays, I took advantage of this and got my hands on the hard-to-get Masque Vivant face mask. •When you apply this, make sure your face is completely 100% dry after cleansing. I picked one up in Madrid for 4 euros. Your local drugstore is the home of some of the best, most affordable European beauty brands. Your IP: As I walked the streets of Madrid, I entered 4 different pharmacies that carried the whole line, but they were all out of the Skin Food moisturizer. If you’re in a cold climate, Skin Food will be your hands’ best friend! The blackheads on my nose were gone and my skin felt smoother in less than a week of daily night use. Once it’s fully layered on your face, it will look like you’re wearing highlighter. Beware of fake sellers! You only need a pea-size amount. Embryolisse Lait Crème is a moisturizer, primer and even makeup remover. Bioderma was first introduced by makeup artists who swore by it due to effectively removing makeup on models and actors without a hint of irritation. • Yes, it truly feels like you’re actually joining a cult. The full-sized bottle retails for $59, but of course, you can buy it in Europe for a much cheaper price. Buying drugstore skincare products is a completely different experience in Europe, where seasoned pharmacists in white coats take a personal approach offering tailored advice based on your skin type. Sign up with your email address to be the first to know about new products, VIP offers, blog features & more. From personal experience, after a few uses, my teeth were as clean and white as if I had just walked out of a dentist appointment. For a more thorough breakdown of each P50 product, click here. (Sorry Tatcha). Are there any German or European drugstore products you can't live without? This exfoliating lotion is praised by celebrities, fashion icons and industry experts. The effective results at whitening the teeth have stood the test of time. We're introducing you to seven well-loved beauty brands that have made the jump from overseas to the States. Update: I’m writing this two weeks after I bought the Lait Vip O2 cleanser and my skin is glowing! If you live in the US, Weleda Skin Food moisturizer can be found at your local Target, Whole Foods or you can order it on Amazon. If there’s not an authorized spa seller in your area, you can make an account and get a free consultation online. This holy-grail product can be found at French pharmacies for the ridiculously low price of 12 euros. It’s also paraben-free and unscented. The latter is the strongest of all of them and is only available in the US because it contains phenol. This godsend product is not available at French pharmacies or any beauty supply store. Yes people, when you think of high-end skincare products and makeup, a toothpaste is the last thing to come to mind, but luxury oral care is a trend now. Another sign from the universe that prompted me to get it, was when I started watching old Byrdie beauty episodes of “Just Five Things, where models and celebrities talk about the most beloved beauty products in their arsenals. Paris. Thanks to the water's unique physiological pH, you shouldn't even have to rinse. For those of you who want to do more in-depth research about Nuxe, their Reve de Miel lip balm is another cult-favorite product. All I can say is I can’t wait to see the results after more uses. The mother of micellar waters. It was created in 1950 by a Parisian dermatologist who specialized in skin diseases. The brand has grown to establish itself as an international powerhouse, becoming a staple in French pharmacies. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Garnier is another famous drugstore dupe. It is weird for such a prestigious skincare line like this to have those affordable prices. Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts! In the US, Marvis is pricier than the average toothpaste and is sold in high-end beauty departments at stores like Nordstroms, whereas in Italy, it can be found at any pharmacy and even grocery stores. It’s multipurpose, so it can be used in multiple ways: ends of hair, body and face. Although, my second time, I think I overapplied it and I could feel a slight burning sensation ; nothing major but just be very light-handed with this! If you don’t have sensitive skin and you’re just ok using any other micellar water for a cheaper price, this might not be the product for you as there are tons of cheaper options out there. Although you can use it in the morning, retinol and sunscreen don’t bode well so use it at night for maximum results. P50 softly exfoliates and tones while helping regulate the sebum secretion and balancing the skin’s PH, hence the slight burning sensation.