FINRA (Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, etc). 2 List of Top 10 Best financial calculators in 2020. © 1999-2020 Study Finance. From students to professionals having the best calculator will improve your performance. It’s like that for these financial needs you will be using spreadsheets though, so you may still be fine with the cheaper calculators. Please note that links to calculators in this article are affiliate links. It also comes with a triple zero key to save time on bigger calculations. This means your best choices here are the HP 10bII+, the HP 12C, the TI BAII Plus or the TI BAII Plus Professional. Check page 10 of the CPWA Candidate Handbook for the full calculator policy. Though it is considered to be a little pricey, this platinum version holds and extends the same reputation as the classic 12C with a faster processor that is 6 times better than the original and extends 4X the memory. This is a very big consideration and you will need to check with your certification program to make sure you know what their calculator policy is. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The downside is the 308 gram weight and bigger size making it a little bulkier than its peers of same class but the easy to use functions and the beautiful layout of the keypad makes up for it. Contents. It is priced economically and works great as a loan wizard. This handy piece is fully comparable to the original HP 15C  and comes at the same size of a credit card. It computes NPV and IRR for uneven cash flow analysis as well. $60-100: HP 12C, HP 17bII, TI BAII Plus Professional, TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus CE, It’s accepted by all the major certifications, It’s the cheapest option if you’re taking the CFA, TI BA II Plus if you need to take the CFA exam, HP 10bII+ if you don’t need to take the CFA exam, TI 83 or 84 if you need graphic but it won’t be available in all exams. This calculator is suitable for use in the CFP exam but not the CFA exam. You’ve probably realised by now that there’s no “one size fits all” financial calculator. Ease of computing Tax, Insurance, Mortgage, Sales Price, Down Payment and Interest Payments. For example, if you’re taking the CFA exam, then the only allowed calculators are the HP12C and the BAII Plus. Advanced list-based statistics and cash flow analysis are just a matter of few keys presses. It swiftly performs all complex calculations such as Time Value of money(TVM), depreciation, amortization, breakeven, profit and percent difference, cash flow analysis, net present value, effective interest rate, net present value, Rate of return and Bond Value. For complex calculations such as finding out the mean, standard deviation, weighted mean, linear regression and forecasting, HP 12C Platinum is a world class device. It fits perfectly in the hands with its ideal size and prides on its top notch quality, especially for its price range. You must also show the supervisor that the memory has been cleared from the calculator. A dependable partner to take to the finance class as well as to your job in the finance field. Much like others, the keys on this device give a solid feedback to eliminate any room for error. It is quite convenient to use and serves its purpose well in all finance courses and business calculations. Backed by one year manufacturer’s warranty, the Real Estate Financial Calculator 3405 measures 5.75 x 3 x 0.6 inches and weighs just 90 gms. This 12 digit metal faceplate calculator is ideal for desktop use. The Society of Actuaries calculator policy is to only allow the following Texas Instruments calculators: You can bring multiple backup calculators with batteries, as long as they are from this list. Here are a few considerations which will determine the best calculator for you: Let’s break these down and cover each consideration. Though it can operate both in RPN (reverse polish notation) and algebraic modes, most users vouch for the RPN setting. 2.3.1 Features of Texas Instruments BA II Plus Calculator: 2.4 4. Compute Amortization, balloon payments, loan comparisons, flexible payment options, rent vs. buy solutions, tax, cash flows and more. All in all, this Japanese masterpiece is wrapped in supremacy and is a strong buy from all viewpoints. In this buying guide, we outline some of the key items to consider when shopping for a financial calculator. Calculations are made simpler by just keying in data and functions and hitting the result key. It has a reputation of being highly intuitive and investors swear by it since minimal keystrokes are required for many common functions. 1 List of Financial and Business Calculators. The 12C Platinum was furnished to enhance the capabilities of the 12C. The solid built of the plush titanium case is further enhanced by the keyboard action and superior display. If you are an experienced financial professional and you need more advanced functionality like RPN data entry, then this article is probably not for you (although the HP 12C does provide that functionality, along with the HP 17bII). Will you be taking financial certification exams? Make sure you speak with your professors to find out what your needs are in the class before choosing. If you cannot do without the Reverse Polish Notation, this is not the device for you. For example, if you are looking to solve advanced math/scientific problems, the salient Hewlett’s will not serve well since they fall short at advanced science and graphics. It’s efficient, simple and saves quite a lot of time with its multiple functions by avoiding on-paper calculations. The tactile plastic buttons make it almost error free because you feel the feed of every input. AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Online Financial Calculator Choices. You have two main financial calculator budget ranges: In the more expensive bracket of calculator, you will find extra financial functions, graphing functions and advanced scientific math functions. Boasting a four line display, this pocket computer allows easy input, confirmation, change and correction of each parameter. The LCD display offers a clear display of the numbers and is readable under any light or angle. 2.2.1 Calculator Features are: 2.3 3. If you require graphing or advanced scientific and math functions in your calculator, the best option would be the TI 83 Plus or the latest TI 84 Plus CE. Best choice for letting the new home buyers understand the exact digits of payment with its built-in functions. To sum up, this well designed Victor 6500 comes with adequate capabilities and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. If there was, it would most likely be the TI BA II Plus because: I won’t recommend a calculator for you as the information in this article should help you figure it out yourself, but generally speaking: I hope that helps you to figure out the best financial calculator for your situation.