Some of the best laptops under $500 do nearly everything larger and more expensive models do. Fifteen-inch models usually range from around 2.5 pounds to up to 6 pounds for a heavy gaming laptop, while 17-inch laptops can weigh anywhere between 4 to 10 pounds or sometimes even more. "The full HD screen and snappy performance make productivity tasks a breeze." For starters, you’ll want to think about the type of laptop you want—whether it's a basic laptop, a 2-in-1, one specifically built for gaming or one that's more for business. It supports Wi-Fi 6, comes with a generous selection of USB ports, and features a bright, 15.6-inch full high definition display and a speedy solid-state drive for fast daily computing. If you’re looking for versatility from your laptop, the HP Chromebook x360 is hard to top. If you’re looking for a budget laptop that won’t break on you, this is the Chromebook for you. To check how long a laptop’s battery lasts, we recommend looking at reviews before you buy a device. ", Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, HP HP 14-Inch Micro Edge Laptop at Amazon, Best for College Students: This lightweight 2-in-1 Chromebook clocks in at just under 1 pound in tablet mode and is compact enough to fit in a larger jacket pocket. The Intel Core i3 is the entry-level series of Intel Core i chips, with the Intel Core i5 being the mid-range, the Intel Core i7 being the high-end, and the newer Intel Core i9 being ultra high-end. The 14-inch display doesn’t have the thinnest bezel on the market, but it’s more minimal than some and creates a balanced 78% screen-to-body ratio. I love the asus f555la from this list. If you have the choice between a laptop with an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 chip, and one with a 6th-generation Core i5 chip, go with the 8th-gen device. You’ll also want the best laptop bags to protect your device. Our reviews and buyers guides are always either based on reviews we’ve done ourselves, or aggregated from trusted sources. The main features to consider when buying a new laptop are outlined above, but there are a few other things that some might want to keep in mind. It can be a graphics card, personal preference (windows laptops or MacBook laptops), or long battery life. If you choose macOS as your operating system, you’re a little more limited in the models you can go for (you’ll have to choose between the MacBook Air, standard MacBook, or MacBook Pro). But buying a laptop hasn’t necessarily become any easier. Manufacturers are notorious for making laptops under $500 with the cheapest, flimsiest plastic possible that will crack or even break completely when dropped from heights less than three feet. ", "Plenty of power and speed to handle day-to-day class work and basic applications", "Gives you plenty of graphics processing power to handle popular games like Fortnite as well as CAD programs like Photoshop. Some, however, use a miniaturized form of the HDMI port called Mini-HDMI, but to use that you’ll need a special Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable. When we tested the Acer Aspire 5, we were so surprised by its top-of-the-line performance, especially considering its low price. Price: $239.99 | Features: 1366 x 768 HD display, AMD A9-9425 dual-core processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM. These ultra-portable laptops made a bang when they were first released, but their heavy and awkward Chrome OS operating system was a bit of a flop. ", "Portability and productivity are the bread and butter of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. The processor, or Computer Processing Unit (CPU), can be considered the brain of a computer. We feel most people can get away without a disc drive built into their laptops, and even those who really need one can still buy an external one. You should be able to get through a full work or school day with a laptop under $500, but if you want a little more longevity, there are models that can oblige with bigger battery capacities. This is what allows us to offer our content free of charge or without a paywall. We think you should look for a computer with at least an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. For shoppers who want the ultimate portability, on-the-go productivity, and the Chrome OS, this Chromebook fills those needs with flying colors. At just around $220, the budget-friendly HP Stream 11 is a champion for the basics. The same goes for hooking up the machine to an external display or whatever other accessories you like to use with your laptop. Raised around tech from birth, he's had an interest in PC hardware and networking technology for years, and has come to Gadget Review to contribute his knowledge on both. While the Acer Aspire 5 lacks a very long-lasting battery, the 8-hour capacity is enough to get you through the work or school day. As always, a list of budget laptops wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the king of cheap laptops: the Chromebook. Laptops generally do away with GPUs simply because of the fact that most CPUs have basic built-in graphics processing capabilities, and because GPUs often take up a lot of room. Still, laptops with disc drives built right in do still exist, despite their rarity. When a laptop has better specs, it will likely perform faster, and for longer. Getting a decent laptop for under $500 can be a challenge, but our selection here is slowly growing … Jeremy Laukkonen attributes his success in writing about technology to his past experiences that taught him the importance of breaking down complex technical subjects in understandable ways. All the laptops in this list are a part of that pedigree, and most exceed the expectations set by their retail stickers while barely breaking a sweat. What this means is that Chrome OS doesn’t take much power to run well. Power users could go one step further and get a laptop with an Intel Core i7 chip—and there are Intel Core i9 chips, too, though the vast majority of people just don’t need to spend the kind of money required a Core i9 laptop demands. Plenty of new laptops do away with USB-A in favor of USB-C, which is smaller, faster, and reversible. Keep reading to learn more about the Acer Aspire and the other laptops in our buyer’s guide below. And you won’t have to worry about charging frequently since the battery has up to 10 hours of staying power. Streaming from Netflix all the time takes up a lot more battery than simple Word processing. "The C202SA has a unique enough look while not crossing the line into looking like a child’s toy." Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue. Besides the computer’s overall decent performance, with an Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, the best thing you’ll get here is an incredibly rugged design. Storage is exactly what it sounds like: Where you’ll store all your files and media. Anything in the Core i family is a solid pick (even going down to i3), and AMD processors from the A8-7000 lineup are always a solid choice for product longevity and power. The same goes for the touchpad, which is quite small and could feel cramped with prolonged use. The HD camera also supports a wide 88-degree viewing angle perfect for group chats. ), or they may include lower-power processors that don’t use up as much battery life, meaning that these laptops can get by with smaller batteries. But it’s delightfully fast to boot (under 10 seconds) when you need it. That’s to say, to use many of the features in Chrome OS, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet. Read on to find everything you need to know when it comes to buying a laptop. The screen does leave a bit to be desired as far as color replication and overall brightness are concerned, but a price point this low, is there really any room to complain? So Which Laptop Under $500 is Right For You?