Gzclp, Nsuns, Candito strength and hypertrophy, Thank you to the rest of you that added your helpful comments, it really means a lot, will dig into those programs and find the best one for me! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Average to Savage, Juggernaut, 531 BBB, GZCL JnT2.0 or VDIP are all great programs for that purpose. The best way to get stronger is to get bigger. Hypertophy, especially upper body. Deadlift 3. Overall happy with my progress. r/powerbuilding: Powerbuilding. The bulldog program is designed to make you as big and strong as possible. You could also look into DC it’s fit bodybuilders but is based around strength progression. It has good bits of maximal effort strength training and high volume Hypertrophy work. Powerbuilding The Program. 1. I am 19 years old with about on and off 2-3 years general lifting experience and only 6-7+ months of real powerlifting experience. Unless it’s at like 85% and up then I use my real 1 rep max. You hit the gym, lift big, and get out. Hi all, i am approaching the end of Starting Strength LP. So far I have found the Brogains and NSuns program but I don't know whether they are effective. Average to Savage, Juggernaut, 531 BBB, GZCL JnT2.0 or VDIP … Pen and paper strength on Instagram is good. A power building program is a great way to get into this exciting but accessible strength sport. The addition of muscle will help build strength; the pursuit of raw strength using a volume of reps will help you build muscle. Not sure if it’s still up but I want to mention just sticking with any routine till the end. As far as paid power building programs, I really like barbell medicine because they use RTS concepts in they’re programming and if you’ve had their classroom after watching it you really get a good idea on how to build training programs. Press J to jump to the feed. The 5 days per week variant made me much bigger and stronger over a little under a year but the volume was brutal. Tried their 6 week bench program early on last year and it worked. Virtually any off-season / hypertrophy program will work. A monster. It is called a powerbuilding workout because the goal is to give you the best of both worlds: a powerful physique with the strength to back it up. I remember a year or two ago I tried Calum Von Moger’s regimen on his site. The 6 day PPL program known as the “Reddit PPL” or “Metallicadpa PPL” is a great workout routine for those looking to increase strength and gain size. I made a lot of gains in both strength and size with Andy Baker’s Powerbuilding routine, well worth the money. I'm only four weeks in, but I'm really enjoying Juggernaut Strength's program. Powerbuilding. A program that I … Any program that meets these criteria should fit your goals: A focus on big compound lifts with some variety in rep range, A moderate amount of assistance lifts with a focus on compounds in med-higher rep ranges. Thanks so much! Any tips/program suggestions? Press J to jump to the feed. Powerbuilding hopes to give you the best of both worlds. If you want a typical powerbuilding routine I suggest looking into David Laid's DUP program. A hybrid of Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding. But some powerlifters also train with higher reps and isolation exercises to experience the hypertrophybenefits of a higher volume muscle-building program. [HELP] Powerbuilding Program. Each has two upper-body days and two lower-body days. The programs are only for beginners or intermediate lifters. Checking it out rn, already had their intermediate 1.0 downloaded but I completely forgot I had it, and now looking back at the 1.0 it's just a bit lacking in the hypertrophy department hahaha, but thanks a lot! Brogains is pretty good! Bench press Now, gaining strength requires a lot of low rep training to really overload the nervous system. Generally, a powerbuilding workout has no more than 10-12 sets, and you are out of the gym in 45 minutes to an hour. I recommend the intermediate program, as the excel sheet is really easy to follow, and will be modified depending on what you select as your weakpoints for squat, bench and deadlift. Really sets you up if you’re truthful on your 1RM to set up all your working %. Keep my strength gains or increase them. In my opinion a well-rounded powerbuilding routine consists of the following approaches. Look strong, be strong. Both of these methods build muscle and strength and challenges the body - just in a different way. You should just sub some the lat work or other accessory’s for biceps/triceps. FREE Powerbuilding Program For those who want to get strong and look the part. https://www.andybaker.com/product/the-ksc-method-for-power-building/, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the powerbuilding community. Virtually any off-season / hypertrophy program will work. If your goal is to compete and excel in either powerlifting or bodybuilding, then following a specific program for that sport will always fair best. A lot of powerlifters start out this way. Will even look into the barbell medicine one as well. I just couldn't keep it up. I am looking toward the next program, my goals seem to align best with powerbuilding. Powerbuilding workouts are simple, quick and straightforward. This is the essence of powerbuilding. Powerbuilding diets are short and sweet. Related: Massive Freak 4 Day Powerbuilding Split This workout program is for the hardcore powerbuilder. As a powerlifter to-be, hypertrophy work should be your bread and butter for the first many years. However, low reps do still build plenty of muscle alon… The best way to get stronger is to get bigger. Isn't that the point of the OG program? I recently delved into some of the „gzcl“ principle programming and am running the Jacked and Tan 2.0 program right now, which feels nice (if you are lowkey masochist haha). Goals in order. In this 8-week program, you'll work through two progressive four-day training splits. I’m scared to start the squat program back up after this long lay off lol, I always found using percentages with my real 1 rep max is always way too easy so I bump my 1 rep max up literally 30 pounds then it’s not too bad I still have plenty of reps left and not too hard still but feels like I’m actually doing something. I've just finished my first powerlifting meet after 5 months of training powerlifting specific movements and now I'm looking to bring up my numbers while putting on muscle. A hybrid of Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding. Powerbuilding. :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the powerbuilding community.