These guitars are worth their asking prices, but sometimes it seems like we’re paying more for the name on the headstock. It's among the. There are some big names out there in the acoustic guitar world, and a few American companies that make some incredible instruments. In my opinion, the S6 is one of the top acoustic guitars for intermediate players. Our Seagull S6 review covers the features of the entire S6 lineup, with a focus on the unique features of each S6 guitar. , And a unique compound-curved top adds structural integrity to the guitar and allows for thinner bracing. Each Series has a unique focus, and will likely appeal to a certain type of guitarist. Get Directions | A rosewood bridge completes the tonal package. There’s that tapered headstock, which helps with tuning stability. Even though there are variances in the three guitars above,and they are each meant for specific type of player, Seagull guitars all share some of the same characteristics. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! The neck too is solid mahogany, topped with a rosewood fingerboard. The S6 is intended to have a midrangy, snappy sound, perfect for flatpicking but with enough clarity and punch for fingerpicking styles. In this article I’ll explore three of the most popular Seagull designs. Solid mahogany, rosewood, or flame maple back and sides, Mahogany necks with rosewood or ebony fingerboards and bridges, Mahogany necks with rosewood fingerboards and bridges, Silver leaf maple necks with rosewood fingerboards and bridges, Laminated natural cherry, hearts of wild cherry, or figured Amber-trail maple back and sides, Laminated Canadian wild cherry back and sides, Laminated Canadian wild cherry or mahogany back and sides, Laminated Canadian wild cherry top, back, and sides, Solid spruce top with laminated walnut back and sides. Seagull really puts their best foot forward with the Artist Series, and this is evident in one of the most popular models, the Artist Mosaic. Seagull’s Integrated Set Neck gives your guitar the sound you want and the stability you need in a performing guitar. Seagull acoustic guitars are worth taking a couple of steps off the beaten path. For over 25 years, Seagull guitars have been handcrafted in the small village of La Patrie in eastern Quebec. It seems Seagull really has the player in mind through their design and production process. Some guitarists claim it lands somewhere between maple and mahogany, but to me it’s a little bright-sounding to compare with mahogany. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you don’t feel like dropping the cash on the Artist Mosaic, check out the Seagull S6 or Maritime SWS. Seagull is a Canadian guitar maker responsible for some very innovative and attractive acoustic instruments. Seagull's dulcimer-inspired Merlin Natural Mahogany SG definitely fits the... What's the Difference Between Concert and Soprano Ukulele? Its award-wining design results in a quality instrument that will satisfy intermediate and pro players alike. The guitars above all feature double-function truss rods, allowing for accurate neck adjustments. Cedar adds a little bite and clarity while still retaining the warmth that may have been compromised with a more traditional spruce top. There are several models in this series that certainly deserve all the attention they’ve received, but we’ll talk more about them in the sections below. Spruce is a more traditional top for acoustic guitars than the cedar in the above models, and paired with the solid mahogany back and sides and a mahogany neck things get more traditional yet. The innovative design and construction of the Seagull line of guitars offers a consistent and smooth-playing, handcrafted instrument at a price working musicians can afford. I love mahogany for acoustic guitars. The Seagull Artist series is the top of the Seagull acoustic guitar lineup. Owner Robert Godin’s innovative design and construction advancements create an amazingly playable and great-sounding guitar.