And so, olorun created the sky where he would live with eshu and yemaya created the seas where she would live alone. Then, obatala dropped down from the chain and planted the palm nut in the ground and in the flash of an eye, plants and trees had grown all over the land and thus, the earth was created. Some of us blame this on Original Sin (think Adam and Eve), some of us blame this on angry gods (Zeus giving mankind the first female, Pandora, and her well known box of woes), and others still on a combination of bad genes and cosmic indifference. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Yoruba call the wall gecko - 'Omo onile' which loosely translated means 'Son of the house owner'. Ashamed by the deformed humans he had created, obatala became the patron god of the deformed. Cats have captured people's attention and admiration throughout history for the elegant grace and air of mystery that they project. Yoruba Movies 2020 New Release is a channel that promotes the rich cultural creative content of the Yoruba Entertainment Industry (Specifically, Movies). Black cats are viewed as evil by superstitious people. His father told him to seek advice from his brother, who was skilled in the art of divination (known in Yorubaland as Ifa). ( Log Out /  While it is true some of the concepts between the Hebrew and the various Mesopotamian and Canaanite myths are shared the overall nature and intent are very different. No one is sure how he did it, but eshu caused great hatred between olorun and yemaya. Creation theory is suppose to be cosmic unexplained.Not debunked easily. Eventually, he had a fine palm tree, and he and the cat spent their time lounging in its shade. black cat – a black cat who might be a bad influence… After this, obatala hung the chain down from heaven and began to climb down. It (the Judeo-Christian Creation narrative) is an entirely different style/form. Obatala goes to orunmilla, oloruns eldest son and god of prophecy and asked for advice on how to do it. Most people would agree that on the whole, we humans are a flawed lot. But I again do not desire to derail this thread with unrelated debate. Olukun, goddess of the watery abyss Olorun and yemaya were twins and they loved each other very much but they did not like their younger brother Eshu. He got totally wasted but unknowingly in his drunken stupor he continued making humans and these humans became deformed. nigrum cattus. And thus, all human maladies, misfortunes and mishaps can be explained by the day god drank too much. This is the translation of the word "black" to over 100 other languages. He ascended to the heavens and confronted his father, who shrugged off his anger. His father told him to seek advice from his brother, who was skilled in the art of divination (known in Yorubaland … Then he dropped the hen on the sand and the hen began to scratch the sand and it scattered the sand all over the seas and the sand became mountains and hills and valleys and deserts. After some time, olorun created other gods called orishas. He poured the sand from the snail shell on the seas. Obatala, their son who intends to unite them through creating the Earth These three beings were siblings and they were also the first gods. Olorun became the sky god, yemaya became the sea goddess and eshu became the god of mischief. Obatala called the land where he had landed IFE and he stayed there with his black cat. After much toil and turmoil, Obatala had only two unused items: a black cat and a palm seed. However, after the cat pointed out the joys of palm wine, Obatala found himself a little distracted. I like the names of the various beings in this tale. However, as a peace gesture, he pointed out that Ournmila had failed to create humanity, and offered that job to Obatala as a consolation prize. If your left leg hits a stone on your way , you should go back home. Orunmilla, their other son, who is a master of divination ( Log Out /  These beings were Olorun (also known as Olodumare), Yemaya (also known as Olokun) and Eshu (also spelt Esu). Haven't heard them in forever and don't have the books with me where I live now. @kuonphobos: Every creation theory except Judaism,Christianity,and Islam. ... Black cats. Is Yoruban mythology also the source for much of the pantheons of such systems as Candomble, Voodoo, and Santeria? He poured the sand from the snail shell on the seas. After some time, he got bored so he decided to go for a drink with some other gods. The Judeo-Christian (an by some extension Islamic) creation narratives are not in the same genre as other creation myths like the Yoruban narrative related on this thread. While he slumbered, his brother Orunmila descended to Earth, and set about creating life; all that swims through the water, crawls on the land, or flies through air can thank Orunmila, as Obatala was too drunk to finish his work. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 3. Olorun granted the permission. Orun became the invisible realm and aiye became the physical realm, From top to bottom: Olorun, Yemaya, Esu and Obatala. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Obatala the greatest of orishas goes to olorun and asks for permission to create a third world. After this, obatala hung the chain down from heaven and began to climb down. @mrdecepticonleader: Better to those then those 3. I highly doubt people will go back and start believing in pagan and other religions they will either choose one of the current main religions,or not be religious at all.I am not saying that there are no pagans etc out there but I doubt a religion like that will ever become a major religion again. I always imagine walking against a gusty wind storm (Olorun) or swimming against the current of a river (Olokum). Obatala asks olorun to breath life into his humans and the people came to life. He was told that he would need a long golden chain, a snail shell filled with sand, a white hen and a palm nut, which he would carry in a bag. Find more words! the palm seed – definitely a bad influence. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I want there will be more other different religions. Please find below many ways to say black in different languages. The people cried out to eshu because he was also the messenger of the gods, but being a jerk, he requested for a sacrifice before he would deliver their message to obatala. Obatala seized the opportunity, and returned to the Earth to create human beings. black cat – a black cat who might be a bad influence… the palm seed – definitely a bad influence To connect the heavens and the oceans, Obatala proposed the creation of the Earth. In fact one might say that it is the persistent historical assertions through the many, many millennia by the Hebrew and subsequently the Christian and Islamic narrative which has made it the target of much hatred and misunderstanding. This is all a little humorless; the Yoruba creation myth from Western Africa has a far better punch line for why we are the way we are. Unfortunately,  he was still drunk. Olurun, god of the heavens Kicking a stone. I'm Yoruba myself and though majority of us don't believe the stories or practice the religion (considered taboo now), it's still cool to know. He gave Obatala a list of seven necessary items. Change ). Creation theory is suppose to be cosmic unexplained.Not debunked easily. In fact it is actually a polemic against the prevailing Mesopotamian myths with which the Hebrews found themselves surrounded. Obatala took a black cat with him for company. I notice the similar usage of the term "orishas". How to say black cat in Latin. Makes sense. ( Log Out /  Yoruba words for black include dudu and omugọ. @kuonphobos: Every creation theory except Judaism,Christianity,and Islam. Yeah, pretty much. ( Log Out /  Point of reference we are all of one origin! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. After a night of drinking and dancing, Obatala fell into a drunken stupor (no one knows the fate of the cat). Saying black in European Languages People sometimes see cats appear to deliver spiritual messages. Creation theories make little sense.And it really is easily debunked by today's standard with more scientific and modern understanding. Yemaya gets pissed at what obatala had done and when he leaves, she creates great floods that begin to destroy humans. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thus ends the great flood. Latin Translation. Obatala still hadn’t finished his final task, which was to fill the land with living things. Moral, we have little control over the forces which consist of our environment (Olorun,Olokum) instead of fighting against these forces as we live, it better to just accept their existences as part of our existence and work with the forces. Well I am anti religious so I am happy to the way the things are now with less and less people being religious,religion loosing its grip over western society gradually.The world is becoming a more secular and un religious place that is just things are weather you like it or not.