Along with Sky on the girls' side, names that mean blue in the US Top 1000 include Celeste, Jay, Royal, Iris, and Lake. While they start out blue, they will turn a lovely shade of yellow during summer. As mentioned, Japanese flower meanings are significant to the culture. Although the possibilities are almost endless, these floral baby names are some of the best monikers that you can give your future daughter — full of grace, meaning, and beautiful symbolism. We’ve noted the meaning behind each flower, where you can find them, and the time of year each flower blooms. Aconitum aka: aconite monkshood wolfsbane leopard's bane Each flower is unique in its apperance and symbolism, so you’re sure to have fun learning about each one. There are many woodland flowers, such as wood sorrel, bluebell, fox glove and wood anemone. Luckily big blooms like Hydrangea offer light, sky-blue petals and Irises can blossom in classic, royal-blue. Baby girl flower names are common amongst parents who are choosing names for their new bundle of joy. 4. Scientific Name. Traditionally, an emblem of peace and calm, blue can bring some serenity to your backyard. Known as one of the rarest colors for florals, blooms in a blue shade are a great way to add cool colors to your arrangement. Bluebell. The smell of bougainvillea, which produces flowers all year round and supplies the wreaths, is in the air. A variant of the name Azure, it means sky blue. Very popular among all other names. Names meaning blue got a big visibility boost when Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Middlemist Red . Common Name. If you have problems with deer and rabbits eating your flowers, this is the perfect … Bougainvillea. Sweet blue hyacinth twisted over my soul. Some people consider the Middlemist Red the best rare flower in the world because only a few specimens exist in England hothouses. Blue can be a difficult color to find naturally occurring in flowers. Picture. Himawari (Sunflowers) This Japanese sunflower looks very … Include blue carnations, anemones and more to wow guests with your next cool-toned arrangement! These blooms have the perfect name, the 5 petals give them a star shape and they are a shy shade of blue. A stunning turquoise blue stands out from the rest of the foliage, and dozens of these blue curling flowers bloom in a showy cascade of beauty. The meaning blue relates to names in a range of styles, for both baby girls and baby boys. 15 Japanese Flower Names + Meanings. The flower’s common name is forget-me-not. Forget-me-not. Whether it’s a … Meaning an evergreen blue tree, it is a perfect choice for your baby girl if you want her name to be evergreen. Azurine. Names and pictures of all flowers. The blues can range from light to deep and come in all shapes and sizes. Buttercup Updated on September 22, 2020 Anna Klepchukova, MD — Anesthesiology and Intensive Care … 1. From indigo to powder, blue flowers are a unique touch to any bouquet.