If you want to create a mild nautical theme in your living area but what you have is only blue chairs or couches, there another excellent solution available in the picture above besides the solution of placing a natural wooden table in the room. Thankfully it is not. You can choose red cushion or wall arts with warm tones in them if you want to. Besides the fact that this wall brings brightness and freshness, it also makes the place looks more spacious than it is. Stripe design is always a good match for a nautical theme. With the carpet, the area gets livelier. As an example, you can choose an indigo wall color as shown in the picture below. There’s no rule that you have to add more color to a living room that’s decorated in various shades of gray but accenting in different colors can break up the room a bit. Grey and Blue Living Room with a Green View, 6. The best thing about this idea is not merely about the specific visual effect it creates. From this picture, there is an impressive idea we all can learn. The wooden features mentioned earlier look great in the room. To create a deep look, you can try the idea of painting the wall of your living room in dark color. It’s the perfect … Even a space with a lot of brightness like this can gain a depth leveling because of the dark wall. Help me with some ideas please. Royal blue and driftwood colored tables love it! See more ideas about room colors, grey color scheme, blue living room. However, it can also serve the function of a table with some condition. FYI, the grey sofa also makes the wall elegance pops even better. Besides the fact that the sofas create a luxurious feel in the interior, they also bring glamour details in the living area. The blue color somehow reminds us of a blue sky while the grey tone makes us remember the color of pebbles. Another example is available in this next picture. For the living room, a different design can result in a different look. It doesn’t always have to be bare wood, but it is best to choose something unpainted. From the same picture also we all can see that you don’t need to paint all wall sides in white to get the bright, fresh, and spacious effect. Too many solid colors in a blue and grey living room can make it look too dull and, even worse, boring. Check out this following picture of a Scandinavian living room as an example. Here is the full explanation for you. Admittedly, a wooden table like this is not the only one you can choose in this idea. I loved my new blue velvet sofa & loveseat but had beige walls . As for the blue color, mainly the designer uses turquoise as the primary mate for the grey tones in there. A floor to ceiling pale grey colour palette is the perfect canvas … If you don’t have kitchen cabinets like this, consider a few living room storage units or a TV console in glossy white; if a less contemporary look is your thing, try painting some vintage wood furniture white. This room has more than just one pattern included in the design. DRAB! When the bolder shades of these tones tend to give a clear statement, the softer colors are perfect for building a calm and comfortable feel. Please take a look at the picture of transitional living room below. This open-style living room has lighter grey color from the sectional couch as the most dominant tone. The combination of the sofa and the wall will create an excellent complement to your living area without overdoing it. All you need to do is find one or more ideas that suit the conditions of your interior the most. This kind of busy model is the one you should choose to add a classy touch to your living area. Walls in a soft shade of gray and pops of light blue allow for natural light to pour into this elegant living room design. You may not realize it, but there are so many things in nature that naturally have blue and grey tones.