Above all, tenor ukuleles are the third largest among the concert, soprano, and baritone ukuleles based on its size. However, the off-road size form traditional size does not mean the sound will change too. KALA, 4-String Ukulele, Right, Mahogany & White LTP-MH. RANCH Tenor Ukuleles Instrument - Starry Blue. Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele. Not only is it relatively affordable (at least for those who are pretty serious about playing ukulele), but it is also a great model for chords. If you are looking for the best tenor ukulele under $300, or you are in the market for the top tenor ukulele for playing chords, this could be a fantastic option for you. Best Tenor Ukulele Buying Guide. Below, you will range of tenor strings, tenor ukulele … Comes with premium soft case. Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit, Satin Mahogany – Includes online lessons, tuner app, and booklet (KALA-LTP-S) They were developed in the 1920s as a larger version of the concert ukulele that would have a deeper, louder sound. KAMAKA JAKE BLUE HF-3 D4I JAKE SHIMABUKURO SIGNATURE EDITION TENOR UKULELE WITH CASE (Exact one in the pictures and video is available here) Behold, the long-awaited Jake signature model from the legendary uke company, Kamaka. The Enya "Feather" is an all-solid mahogany Ukulele featuring a Feather image inlay in the fretboard, armrest binding, and super thin body. TOP NOTCH QUALITY - ACCURATE. The best tenor ukulele for chords. Enya's "AcousticPlus" system with a built-in actuator adds reverb, chorus & delay with or without plugging into an amp. This item Kala KA-TEMB Exotic Mahogany Tenor Ukulele - Blue. TOP NOTCH QUALITY - SMOOTH. A glorious tenor ukulele with some of the finest Hawaiian koa and a perfect gloss finish to show it off. Created by esteemed luthier Casey Kamaka, the Jake Blue Edition tenor ukulele is designed to meet Jake's unique preferences in tone, playability, and appearance. Light and well built instrument, with the fret boards surprisingly smooth on every sides details, Neck is well connected and easy to navigate, and the frets are nice and polished. Wow, did they deliver. They're the second largest size of ukulele, with a length of 66cm and a scale of 43cm. We absolutely love these instruments and Terry tries to stock a few different ones in the Uke Like the Pros store. It is Kamaka Hawaii's highest end production instrument to date and only the second time in their 102-year history that the company has collaborated with an artist to design an instrument for their regular production line. This ukulele is fitted with Pepe Romero UT2 tenor ukulele strings tuned GCEA with a low G, and you get a free Professional Access Case to protect your investment. The larger size gives your fingers the ample space to maneuver on.