The chef also adds that brown sugar inherently retains moisture, so it's best incorporated in baked goods that are soft such as cakes, muffins, and soft chocolate chip cookies . However, for coffee, tea, etc. • Brown sugar’s moisture gets lost when left open as it becomes dry while white sugar has no such problems. As we mentioned above, brown sugar has a little different flavor than white sugar, so you might notice a change in the flavor of your recipe. Corn syrup is the only type of corn sugar sold in retail markets in North America. Brown sugar provide more benefits than white sugar. Some of the benefits of brown sugar are: * It contains sugary molasses which provide more nutrients than white sugar. Light brown sugar is often used in sauces and most baked goods. Light brown sugar, more versatile than dark brown sugar, is roughly 95% sucrose. Brown sugar vs. white sugar—how are they different? Brown sugars are either made by directly boiling a brown sugar syrup or mixing white sugar with various amounts of molasses. white sugar is the better from the two as it is sweeter. White sugar and brown sugar have the same degree of sweetness, so you can exchange the two. Brown, yellow, or golden sugar; This a fine-grain sugar (sucrose) covered with a thin layer of syrup, usually molasses. But. In some cases, they also make use of sugar beet molasses. Manufacturers are now adding molasses to refined white sugar crystals to turn it into brown sugar. Brown sugar makes baked goods more moist than white sugar because of the molasses content, says Pichet Ong, pastry chef and author of “The Sweet Spot: Asian Inspired Desserts.”This means you may have to adjust some of the other proportions in the recipe if you sub in brown sugar for white, like slightly decreasing the wet ingredients or upping the dry ones. Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar: Other Differences Production Process. Dark brown sugar has a deeper color and stronger molasses flavor than light brown sugar—the rich, full flavor makes it ideal for gingerbread, baked beans, barbecuing and other full-flavored foods. • White sugar is rich in sweetness. Corn Products: Corn syrup; Produced from the starch in corn, this type of syrup gets most of its sweetness from a high glucose content. Both are equally sweeter in taste but the benefits are different. However, brown sugar is not that sweet. a sweet companion: brown sugar vs white sugar On May 6, 2020 May 6, 2020 By vandanasharmaa In Uncategorized White and brown, are the two most controversial colors of … "Brown sugar is simply sugar that has molasses, which is what gives it that brown color and flavor," says Sidoti. Its sweetness is tempered by the addition of bitter molasses, which contributes fructose, glucose, amino acids, and minerals, too. • Brown sugar gives a rich flavor to baked recipes than white sugar.