Change your default dictionary to American English. A whimsy of collectives. A soviet of collectives. A cacophony of collectives. There is no standard collective noun for a group of sounds. Collective nouns for groups of people, fish, and other animals are diverse and numerous, and each term comes with its own fascinating history. A hot water bottle collection of pipers An inaudibility of mandolins A forhoja of spoon janglers (‘Forhoja’ is the typically incomprehensible Ikea name for a cutlery tray) An unwelcomeness of bass trombones A brilliance of … a cackle of tuis a cacophony of kookaburras Now consider a group of Baboons. Definition and synonyms of cacophony from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Collective nouns We all are familiar with .... a herd of cows, a flock of chickens, a school of fish a gaggle of geese, a pod of whales and a pride of lions. a congress of owls . Thesaurus Trending Words. A cacophony of bodhrans or goatbashers A mousaka of bouzoukis or bouzouki botherers A suck of harmonicas or gob iron/ tin sandwich players A round of tin sandwich players? This is the British English definition of cacophony.View American English definition of cacophony. ‘A fold of napkins’ sounds more likely.) A 'cacophony' of cockatoos A 'flirtation' of finches A 'dabble' of ducks A 'gaggle' of babblers Anthea and Brian Fleming in Melbourne have come up with this list: an idiocy of emus a yodelling of magpies a merriment of kookaburras a gluttony of gannets an aviation of albatrosses a collection of bowerbirds a hoard of bowerbirds (note spelling; I did not say 'horde!') See 'Collective Nouns' at EDC London, W1 until 24 December, or at More about: Perhaps their next project should be a cacophony of collective nouns, or a woop of printmakers? View the pronunciation for cacophony. The best-known collective nouns relate to animals and birds. (I suppose ‘a soviet of napkins’ would be considered non-U? I like the last, with its nod to the collective farms of the old Soviet Union, but perhaps a straightforward ‘collection of collectives’ is all we want? Less widely known is: a murder of crows an exaltation of doves a charm of finches. 2 people chose this as the best definition of cacophony: The definition of cacopho... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. a mounding of megapodes a squawk of … These are my … of biblical … Many terms for groups of animals were first recorded in The Book of St. Albans , published in 1486, and their use flourished among hunters. noun singular . I couldn’t agree more-4.8%. ‘A cacophony of rhythms and sounds stream through the studio walls and flood the air.’ ‘Reality is a thunderous cacophony of millions of impressions surging in on us at every moment.’ ‘Thunder rumbled and wind let out in a cacophony of screeches.’