1. Healing of a Stage IV Decubitus on one of my clients. All rights reserved. Build My Resume. Cardiac Nurse Resume. Astute Telemetry Nurse committed to providing ICU and post-op patients with the extra attention they need. Nurse Manager Icu & Telemetry Resume Examples & Samples Must possess current license as a Registered Nurse from the State of Maryland or awaiting reciprocity Work requires knowledge of organization and operation of a patient care unit and nursing care techniques and methods. Contract nurse position ended and Spiro office closed. Telemetry Nurse Resume. The disease is endemic among all ages, genders, cultural background, and ethnicity. I worked in the area other times as an extra nurse because I was trained. Death due to cardiovascular problems have become an epidemic. Responsible for primary care, case management and medication management. Charting and billing in Ulticare EMR. Skin Audits, treatments, recommendations, orders and continued evaluation with weekly Decubitus and Non-decubitus Report for my units. Summary: With the enclosed curriculum vitae describing my credentials and experience, I would like to introduce myself and expre... Summary: Dear Madam/Sir,My name is Mary Rose Devlin, RN, and I am going into my thirtieth year of nursing. Coordination with nursing, rehab, dietary, pharmacology and social services to, LPN Scheduling; Staff teaching, training and In-services, Many other duties within the Scope of Nursing Practice in the Long Term Care setting. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Telemetry Nurse job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Especially adept at identifying patient issues providing attentive care and coordinating with doctors and other pertinent medical staff. Telemetry Nurse Resume Examples. Telemetry nurses work where there are critically ill patients. Sets up equipment, configures all settings and records the information sent to the nurse’s or doctor’s station. Duties would vary based on staffing, CD outbreaks and other situations. Certified Nursing Assistant, Cardiac Telemetry Technician, & Information Associate. Hemodialysis performed using the Fresenius Dialysis Machine and Drake-Wilcox 480UF. Crafting a Telemetry Nurse resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. I was a strong client advocate and expected quality care from other healthcare professionals. Sound, ethical and independent decision-making ability consistent with medical protocols. To obtain a position in Nursing in which my knowledge, experience, skills and professionalism will have valuable application, allowing growth and advancement. Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic. Patient care and evaluation during treatment in an independent work environment (Hospital Dialysis Unit, ICU, CICU, SICU), Health education training for client and family (renal dialysis graft or access care, diet, activity, exercise, disease process), Sterile Dressing Changes of central line access site and Heparinization to maintain patency. Continuing Education to meet Employer and State Board of Nursing Requirements. Astute Telemetry Nurse committed to providing ICU and post-op patients with the extra attention they need. Programs included: Adult and Childhood Immunizations, WIC Certification, Family Planning, Maternity, Communicable Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Tuberculosis Program, QA, Laboratory procedures, and client education and counseling. Like any field in nursing, this area's primary concern is with delivering the best care. Registered Nurse and Research Study Coordinator. Skilled care RN for home health and hospice, Eldercare, and MPC state funded programs under the direction of RN Supervisor. Client care required a Case Management and team approach involving all disciplines involved. As an EP Nurse I was trained to work in the Cardiac Admit and Discharge area of the Heart Cath Lab. Responsible for initial assessment, monitoring and documentation of vital signs and machine settings throughout treatment per physician orders and protocol, Worked independently in the hospital setting making s. Worked as part of a team with supervisor and physicians in developing the Apheresis Protocol, Policies and Procedures, Procedure Manual, and Documentation forms and Trained other RN's in Apheresis. Skills : Detail Oriented, Customer Service, Nursing Skills. One of two Dialysis RN's trained in Therapeutic Apheresis using the Cobe Spectra Apheresis System. Telemetry Nurses monitor complex electronic equipment readouts that show how a patient's heart functions. Specialize in cardiac care before and after heart procedures and transplants. ● Extensive medical knowledge of cardiac care procedures● Solid technical expertise in the use of patient monitoring equipment● In-depth knowledge of recovery therapies and follow-up patient care● Ability to monitor patients with life-threatening conditions● Ability to work long shifts including nights weekends and holidays as needed● Impressive practical problem solving skills● Strong interpersonal skills. I love the Professio... © 2020, Bold Limited. This expertise, which is the core of a telemetry nurse’s experience and skills, comes up in the summary, the keyword skills, and in both job descriptions. Associate of Applied Science : Registered Nurse - ADN , May 6, 1994. 5 Telemetry Nurse Interview Questions & Answers. To show I am a strong team player, an advocate, proactive and I represent my profession with honor, dignity, and respect. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content. Performed Hemodialysis in the acute and chronic care units (Sparks Regional Medical Center, Holt Krock Dialysis Center & St Edwards Mercy Medical Center), under the direction of Unit Manager and Nephrologists. Charge Nurse per schedule and delegated duties, Accurately documented all elements of nursing assessment, treatments, medications, lab values and and follow-up care and reported any changes or abnormals to physician, Utilized strong assessment skills to determine necessary patient care and p, erformed all tasks with a patient-centered focus, Provided necessary health education training for patients, ound, ethical and independent decisions consistent with medical protocols, Westark Community College - The University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Cardiac, Diabetes, Hospice and Stroke Patient Care, Familiarity with disease management programs, Skilled in conducting physical examinations, Medical clinical procedures comprehension, Primary Registered Nurse for an average of 5-8 clients on 39 Bed Cardiac Telemetry floor working 12 hours shifts, Clients consisted of those with numerous health related issues requiring a broad spectrum of understanding, Provided care and documented all elements of nursing care, assessments, evaluations, interventions, treatments, medications, education, discharge instructions and followup care in the medical record, Developed care plans and nursing diagnosis utilizing strong assessment skills, Worked closely with Case Management, Social Worker, Dietary, Therapy, Medication Reconciliation, admit and discharge, Medication administration and monitoring outcome, Skin Assessments and Interventions, Wound Care, Preparation and assistance with bedside procedures, Unit Based Chart Audits and Quality Assurance, Charge Nurse per schedule, Delegated Patient Assignments, CNA Supervision and delegation of duties, Pyxis and Omnicell Superuser; Lifepak & AED Competency; IV Certified; Competency in Infusion Pumps, Chest Tubes, Drains, NG Tubes, PEG Tubes, Catheters, Achieved departmental goals and objectives by instituting new processes and standards for in-patient care, Float to CICU, Cardiac Stepdown Units and sister floor, RN Preceptor to Nursing students, new staff RN's, Mentor, and Resource Nurse, Active member of Hospital Wide Pain Committee. Primary Nurse for designated number of clients with development and implementation of the Nursing Care Plan, maintaining client charts in accordance with Medicare guidelines, Communication with physicians, staff, and medical professionals involved in client care, Continued evaluation of client healthcare needs of clients and initiation of client specific rehabiliatative, preventative or specialized care, Treatments, diagnostic and preventative procedures and evaluation with full report to attending physician and healthcare providers, Medication setup, monitoring compliance and refill needs, Teaching, supervising and counseling client, family or caregiver in client specific needs in the home for optimal care, Supervision, assignment and training of other nursing personnel for total care, CNA supervision, evaluation, teaching and In-services, One of two RN's working directly with five Neurologist providing care to adult and pediatric clients in a busy physicians practice, Written and verbal communication skills in patient-nurse-physician interaction using online and interoffice computer systems, Scheduling and coordinating appointments with physicians, diagnostics, referrals and pre-authorizations and obtaining all records related to visit, Medication administration for neurological procedures and testing, oral, injection or IV Therapy, assisting and monitoring post procedure, Phlebotomy (drug research and genetics testing), Maintained controlled substances, Drug samples, and Drug Study medications, Review of all test(s) for physician review, Multiple Sclerosis client and family education on disease process, medication(s) and need for further support; MS Scholarship Program referral, Coordination of visits by Pharmaceutical representatives, Research of Epilepsy and Acute Stroke Study medications prior to FDA approval in the clinical and hospital settings, Documentation, Correspondence and Maintenance of client record for monitoring by pharmeceutical staff or FDA Audit, Obtaining orders necessary for Drug Study Protocol on Hospitalized clients, Acute Stroke Study Protocol In-service with Hospital staff, Sound, ethical and independent decision-making ability consistent with medical study protocols, Beohinger Ingelheim Phase 2 Acute Stroke Study (Cerestat), Abbott Tiagamine Adult & Pediatric Studies.