One friend warned me about humidity though, which could play a factor here in certain states. I have had several fruits over 1# this year and Cherokee Purple will remain a part of my gardens for both flavor and reliable production. Flesh is deep rose and is delectable when fresh in salads or on sandwiches and burgers. Slice Cherokee Purple tomato for rich, dark color and unmatched sweet, rich taste on sandwiches or in salads. These deliciously fresh tomatoes provide a complex flavor that’s a balance of sweet/acidic, slightly smoky. The deep crimson interior and clear skin combination give it its distinctive color. I did my research, asked around to my tomato growing friends and found that the Cherokee purple tomatoes made for nice tall plants with large fruit all around the country. Cherokee Purple is the name of a cultivar of tomato that develops a fruit with a deep, dusky-rose color while maintaining a somewhat greenish hue near the stem when mature for eating. 68 days from plant out and three Cherokee Purple Plants I planted this year began to provide beutiful ripe fruits. The tomato is a beautiful dusky pink with a deep, rich-red interior. Cherokee Purple grows well in most regions of the U.S. Let the fruit ripen on the vine for the best flavor. The skin of the Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes has rich shades of purple and pink, often with green shoulders. This plant has a tendency to want to grow horizantal but can easily fill a 6' x 24" cage.