It's great for adding a good deal of meat and clarity to a kick drum, or helping guitars present themselves better in the mix; and it's fun with a variety of options for vocals, and the list goes on. Created in collaboration with Grammy award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge, the CLA Vocals plugin delivers the radio-ready rock vocal sound of Green Day, James Blunt, and Stone Temple Pilots. The CLA SSL Drum Mix Tricks. He even printed a sample layer of his famous SONY reverb unit on the kicks and snares. However, we can guess that, much like the rest of the CLA Plugin series, it will be some sort of multi-effect intended to tackle a specific mixing task. CLA Drums is part of the CLA bundle that Waves has to offer. I found the plug-in effective and additive everywhere I used it. Maybe I'm just stirring the proverbial pot, but hear me out on all of this before thinking I'm a complete jerk: Quote: Originally Posted by 84K anyone who gets hung up on samples and the hi hat bleeding through the gate on the snare hits has obviously lost their ability to enjoy music and should be retired to gearslut psychiatric ward. Check out the video as I go in depth and show you exactly how to do it. Go for around 3 db of compression on drum hits with a gentle (2:1 or 3:1) ratio and a fast release time (150 to 75 milliseconds) Use the Gate if there is excessive mic bleed in the kick and snare mics; There you have it, gang. CR-78, Korg Minipops, LinnDrum, Alesis HR-16. EMU-Sp-12, Oberheim DMX. Download free Cla VST,VSTi,AU,RTAS music software plugins & Instruments. And now you can use these classic Chris Lord-Alge drums in Steven Slate Drums (SSD) Virtual Drum instrument and Steven Slate TRIGGER Drum Replacer/Enhancer. The result is some of the fattest, punchiest, most mix ready virtual drums in the industry! ... Each Drum Module contains samples from Roland TR-808, TR-909. 07:10 AM EST. 3758b9b5-045c-4b7d-b020-80f9b068d990. This plugin is meant for mastering drums, obviously. These are plugins that were created by/for Chris Lord-Alge, the famous mixer who's done everything from Rocky IV to Slipknot. In this video we take a look at the CLA Drums plugin by Waves. CLA-76 has good presets as starting points. It's laid out very nicely in an easy to understand manner. If we look at the previous entries like CLA Drums, CLA Vocals, or CLA Bass, it makes sense to assume that the forthcoming Black Friday freebie will be a mixing tool aimed at a particular type of instrument.