Delivery and installation were flawless. Perfectly minted to match the needs of an accessory heavy closet, the closet organizers employed here will take care of your shoes and leave you with some breathing room. May 1, 2017 This Fashion Blogger's Walk-In Closet Is Almost Too Beautiful To Handle. From roomy closet ideas to luxurious designs, we have all the variety that you are looking for. We are EXTREMELY happy with the closet… She listened to all of our ideas, and incorporated them in the design while trying to save $ on things that weren't necessary. Sally Hart, Houzz Contributor A poorly designed closet costs the same to build as a well-designed closet. Do take a look at these amazing closet design ideas and resolve all your space issues. Some closets can be closed after use but there are others designed to be open all the time. While a walk-in closet is made to store a lot of items, you may not be using it to its fullest potential. An unused closet bar works as a hamper holder (the bar lifts up, and the tub slides off) and reminds the boys that there’s a place for those dirty towels. Spaces should not be allowed to waste but rather used judiciously and stylishly. My background is running a handyman business, so I liked that your ideas balanced out my tips on adding/moving walls. It’s how you design and use the space that makes the difference. Thank you for all of the design inspiration; we too have a small walk-in closet. By Rachel Swalin Want to redo your closet? This is known as the open closet. Here are some ideas. It all comes down to just a few simple habits. 8 Closet Design Ideas From A Pro Closet Designer. This guide will teach you about closet design ideas, organizers and closet systems that will help you streamline your space. Ikea closets can be placed in any room if you want style as well wish to solve clutter problems. Ikea offers unique closet design ideas that are very contemporary in appearance. To buy: TubTrugs in orange, $16 each, Reply. We are very happy with our closet. Unique Ikea Closets. With the right walk-in closet ideas, you can create a space that is beautiful and functional. A closet interior design involves utilizing the shelf space and empty storage spaces. Makeshift Closets. A makeshift closet is a concept of an open closet that is placed wherever you want – mainly in bedrooms for obvious reasons. A previously unused outlet in the closet allows a wall-mounted lamp to shed light on a stack of books. You just place a rack for clothes holders, attach some open shelving if you want and put a dresser next to it, and voila – here’s your closet! Joyce was an excellent designer with great customer service. Linda says. Get organized with our best ever closet inspiration. Krista, Thanks for the great ideas and I included a few in my article about closet ideas. Cubbies, clever shoe storage and hanging drawers all match in color and design, proving once gain that closet storage ideas … Closet Interior Design Ideas 1. The Open Closet.