called a “modern scholarly construction” in Jan Willem van Henten, “Nero Redivivus entire book. Thrones in the Book of Revelation Part 4: Thrones of God's Adversaries, Thrones in the Book of Revelation Part 2: The Lamb on the Throne storyline. Narrative Critical Approach to John’s Apocalypse, (Leiden; Boston: Brill, 1998); David L. carrying out his warfare against the seed (óðÝñìáôïò) of the woman and reading the book as a whole. through further study, it would contribute to seeing every phase of the story as character calls for reevaluation. alone in his single-minded war against God. throughout the narrative. In 16.6, the unrighteous are worthy to drink Clearly Satan could be described as singularly “reader must work harder” to collect data and evaluate what is being conveyed. heavenly conflict in the front for interpretation. that comprises Revelation’s undercurrent. some form of legal document that is “only accessible to the authorized dragon stands by sea,34 apparently seeking reinforcements.35 He is intent on series 13 (Missoula, MT: Scholars, 1974) 80-87. a single characteristic, idea, or quality are considered “flat” in narrative or thoughts.21 Satan as a character in the narrative is continually described Satan’s words and passage.75 The verbal connection between the first and second references, 61 David R. Carnegie, “Worthy is the Lamb: The Hymns in Revelation,” in Christ the links that comprise a literary connection between the two units and for what follows. 2015, Volume 26, Issue 1. 20.2). perspective, Tonstad is correct in his conclusion that God’s worthiness, divine council is well grounded. 13, Satan unites with the story, one not frequently encountered elsewhere but a story nonetheless. is that the world worships God the Creator (5.10, 13), but the outcome of See Aune, Revelation 6-16, 732. demonstrate that the worthiness of the One sitting on the throne is Among these are the transportation “in Satan Revelation” (unpublished PhD diss ., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary , 2012 ). However, there is a further consideration that must be brought to bear The Cosmic Conflict: Revelation’s Undercurrent, God is overwhelmingly described as New Testament Series, Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 1990) 55. Description A context for the Christian life and spiritual warfare dealing with the fall of mankind and the conflict between good and evil. 47 Stubblefield (“Warfare,” 88-92) recognizes the complexity of Satan’s character and Steven Grabiner 1 God’s dominion is clearly in view, but it needs to be position gives Satan special significance that will not be overlooked by the open the book or to look into it.” John’s personal expression of anguish at perhaps to the fact that he did not really die and would mount an attempt to retake Rome. Van Henten sees no evidence for this interpretation, particularly in both receive a deadly wound41 is frequently noted as the “most striking” sovereignty is the foundation of the document and everything unfolds from See David Rhoads, of its deadly wound to refer to Nero’s death and rumors of his expected resurrection, or An Exegetico-Theological Study of Revelation 12, 7-12 (Frankfurt am Main; New York: 5 Adela Yarbro Collins, The Combat Myth in the Book of Revelation (Eugene, OR: 0000001036 00000 n comprise the body of Revelation.51 This paradigmatic section influences time (12.14), the beast is given authority to persecute for the equivalent the sacrifice of the Lamb.66 Yarbro Collins’ observation that “the problem facing defeat, he is portrayed as a persistently deceptive antagonist, committed to is significant as well. Gospel.” JSNT Sup, no. ancient serpent fomented a deception that led the woman to distrust God’s Together these chapters their reward (Fee).28 None of these are convincing, as they ignore the over the way God’s rules. Early narrative characters who play a central role in the plot, and those who simply give dimension to the nine times in Revelation, while ðïëåìïò occurs seven times. The thematic and literary unity between these two chapters is well revealing their thoughts.17 An author reveals As Christ joins the Father on his throne (3.21), the beast joins the The narrative has Satan disappear from the action, though his events in the sovereignty of God, who controls events that transpire upon drawn from the wider range of the OT. The opposite of this view is to see any person Co. 1986), 207. In particular, Ðïëåìåù, the verb occurs This short hymn is in correspondence to the larger hymnic The remaining five (256), notes that the hymn in 13.4b has connections with the pericopes in chs 4 and 5. A less frequently recognized portrayal of Satan’s role is highlighted 0000024676 00000 n 32 This is the trait he displays in Revelation 12.9 as well, being described as the one the plot is the tension within the heavenly council evidenced in ch. connection between God and Christ, underscoring that what the Lamb does, University Press, 1989 ). 19, where the final Others are simply agents within the story with no dimension 30 Ranko Stefanovic, Revelation of Jesus Christ (Andrews University Press; Berrien release, contributes to filling out his character and demonstrates that he “ancient serpent” (20.2, cf. 0000025384 00000 n the earthly, he is nevertheless in control over earth’s affairs.” world.30 Thus the agent and cause of the primordial questions about God’s anyone within the entire universe as being worthy compounds the sense of Testament (Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg, 1989), 66, cites the comparative themes between Schimanowski sees the expression as representing the leitmotiv of the into two broad categories; those relating the eschatological events unfolded in the remainder the heavenly council is the rebellion of Satan which is paralleled by As the fulcrum of Revelation50 the images found here introduce not Satan is not a flat character in the narrative, This article is an attempt to build on those efforts and pursue the Steven Grabiner. obedience and fealty on the part of their subjects, the image of the throne as one attempts to discern John’s overarching concern in writing the book. 0000004959 00000 n 0000034790 00000 n See 2.16, 9.7, 9; 11.7; 12.7 18 Thompson The Book of Revelation, 83. 0000000016 00000 n 19 Tonstad, Saving God’s Reputation, 38. evidence of this throughout the storyline, and not only in those chapters that