Not only do we provide detailed planting instructions on each of our product pages, but we include a condensed version below. Cypress Trees come in many varieties, though most are moderately-sized trees. Cypress Trees do not require fertilizer. Filter by sub-region or select one of the tree types. Water the mulch directly. Leyland Cypress Christmas tree farms near you in USA. They do not grow wide, with a mature width of only 5 feet, making them ideal as accent privacy barriers. Read about the specifics for planting a Cypress Tree below: Water: Water immediately after planting and once per week for the first six months, unless it rains. MAPLE. Cypress Trees require extreme care in the initial stages of growth, something The Tree Center provides. If the soil clumps when squeezed, but then immediately falls apart upon release it is likely silt or sand. 4.7/5 Watch the water that first year and use the "Finger Test" to check the soil conditions under the ground. For this reason, many gardeners choose to plant Cypress Trees in rows as privacy barriers or privacy screens to mark property lines. Any new tree requires careful planning prior to planting. Water: Water immediately after planting and once every three days or so for the first couple weeks, unless it rains. The Cypress Tree is also an investment; these long-living trees can live for hundreds or thousands of years. The Italian Cypress is also noted as a fast-growth tree, reaching between 3 and 5 feet per year in new growth. Many gardeners use mulch and fertilizers in order to create the most complete soil profile. Choose the Cypress variety carefully, as some species may require additional support in terms of water access. Shop Savings Services Ideas. If planting a screen, dig multiple holes between 4 and 5 feet apart. Besides providing privacy and protection for your garden, they make the perfect backdrop for ornamental and flowering shrubs and plants. Cover the area surrounding the Cypress Tree with mulch to a depth of three inches, up to but not including the tree’s trunk. Come on down and check out what we have, our stock changes weekly! Italian Cypress is a Mediterranean coniferous evergreen tree with tiny green leaves, and a very unique conic shape. Loam soils, however, are the best for most trees. The Empire State is known for New York City, its picturesque upstate pastures, and its historical roots in American culture. All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. These trees are tall, narrow, and adaptable, often reaching between 30 and 40 feet tall. As one of the first gardened trees, Cypress Trees were used by ancient Greeks in public garden spaces. Dig a hole roughly two times the width of the "root ball," and no deeper than the rootball itself. Mulch, however, can be exceptionally beneficial, as it helps to not only add additional nutrient matter to the soil if naturally-based, but it can also assist in water and oxygen accessibility. The Cypress Cupressus family of plants and trees includes both small shrubs and tall trees. When to Plant: Late fall or early spring is best for planting. The romance of Italy in your garden. In return, these trees will provide a unique feathery physical nature that will complement many garden types. Baldcypress has a pyramidal habit with a heavy straight trunk and attractive reddish brown bark to add winter interest to a landscape. Several species of Cypress actually prefer to grow in flood-plains and swampy areas, such as the Bald Cypress. Many Cypresses require heavy doses of water; not so for the Drought Tolerant Evergreen. It is the unique Bald Cypress that represents Louisiana. The fast-growing Leyland Cypress is best suited as a screening tree, buffer tree, or Privacy Tree. Then, dig a hole three times the width of the root ball. A row of Leyland Cypress Trees defines property lines as a living fence. A variety of cypress for every aesthetic, skill-level & growing zone. Also, be sure to choose an area with regular water from either natural rainfall or irrigation systems. Blue Ice Cypress Trees are beautiful specimen trees for those who want something a little different and out of the ordinary. Any site where you are planning to plant your new cypress trees should be chosen before ordering. Use a Zip Code to find plants for that area. Cypress Trees are known for being easy-to-grow and manage. If you are looking for fruit trees or flowering trees or even shrubs, give … If using mulch, add the mulch to the area at this time to about a three inch depth. New York Trees For Sale. The roots are sometimes referred to as the root-ball. Furthermore, the Cypress Tree, grown throughout history, provides planters with a connection to gardeners of a distant past. An unusual and interesting tree, often growing over 100 ft. in height. based on 15226 ratings and reviews, 30% Off Entire Order-Limited Time Sale-Code: TURKEY30. Because of its fibrous root system planting them in groups is acceptable as they won't out-compete each other for water and nutrients. Wood-chip based mulches work best, as these will decompose over time and add nutrient matter to the soil.