Men’s Wallet Prestige (really it’s a hobby), TROVE Cash Wrap vs FOCX Accountant – similar but different, FOCX Accountant wallet is good but with some shortcomings. Your email address will not be published. The Dango T01 EDC wallet features a saw knife and nail prier. This is a CNC machined stainless steel plate and has a melonite finish for durability. Equipped with a pull tab for quick access to your cards, you will be able to grab and go much faster than a traditional wallet. Copyright 2020 Walletopia. Trayvax Element Tactical Wallet. Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve performed better than I thought! There is a lot going on with this wallet. Men and women can benefit from the added protection they provide with RFID blocking and many of them come equipped with a multi-tool that is essential to everyone. Do you prefer a more modern techno- look to your gear? The best EDC wallet may be different for you than for someone else. Required fields are marked *. The M1 Rail can hold nine cards maximum. Made in the USA and backed by a 65-year heirloom warranty – this is the wallet you can pass down to your grandchildren. That amount would really be pushing its limit. They make some of the highest quality tactical gear you can buy. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the free tactical multitool card. You can’t beat it for the price. Function and style are the key words for these essential items – you won’t know how you ever lived without them once you see them. Titanium aluminum nitride coating on CNC machined stainless steel plate makes for a timeless minimalist wallet that will stand the test of time. The Dango is priced at $109 with the Travax starting at $140, going up from there depending on other features you order. Great for an outdoor excursion, but stylish enough for a night out on the town. You can fit 10 cards and 5 bills with the Trayvax integrated money clip. Bellroy Square wallet discontinued! Knives, tools and technology; you will be amazed at what you can do with these tactical wallets. While tactical wallets are marketed more towards men, that does not mean that women can’t carry them also. The Trayvax Contour Minimalist is probably the best tactical wallet of 2020 or at least in the top five. If you enjoyed this article, here’s a related article you may enjoy as well: The Best Minimalist Wallets on the Market! It would be hard to find a better looking wallet with this much functionality. Who wouldn’t want a few extra tools in an easy-too-carry form? This is one of the best EDC tactical wallets on the market today. You would need to push the cards up and sort through to the one you want. Some are minimal, while others are more on the tactical spectrum and come equipped with extra tools. You hear a lot of talk of the Dango Wallet vs Trayvax – we can tell you they’re both amazing wallets and you can’t go wrong with either choice. The Trayvax Element is a great choice for those looking for a tactical wallet with a classic rugged look. Let’s start with the wallet first: made from possibly the toughest material of any wallet, the inner portion is premium Aviation Aluminum plates and the outer shell is high quality aluminum. But the point is that you have the flexibility without jeopardizing the security of your cards, because they’re all held via the strap. Carbon Fiber Dango Dango comes in several “standard” colors, but Charlie is always experimenting with special editions. Did we mention it is RFID resistant? They all do the job they were intended for, but some have features that you may or may not prefer. Read more about the Best Metal Wallets of 2020! You can’t break it! You have many choices that you will have to research and test before making your final decision. While it may be rare for this to happen, an RFID blocking wallet can alleviate this problem and protect your personal information by utilizing a special layer that blocks the electromagnetic fields from accessing your cards. The slimline design allows it to fit discreetly into any pocket, lessening the risk of theft while still keeping it secure, and as it can hold up … The Trayvax Contour delivers exactly that. Each tactical or EDC wallet sports different features and you can choose the ones that suit your lifestyle. Absolutely not! With any M series, you can purchase this rail kit and attach it really onto your existing wallet. It also comes with a torx wrench. There are four connection points, two on the bottom and two on top. Comparing a Dango and Trayvax wallet is tough, the similarities are few, but it can be done to understand what creates devoted owners of both of these brands. Hold up to 12 cards with no issue, this slim EDC wallet has RFID blocking capabilities and is perfect for the prepared businessman. Rawhide (Brown) with Silver 2. You can find hundreds of M1 Rail Wallet reviews to read through and help with your decision. So we're looking at the Dango M1 Rail wallet and the Trayvax Contour. Today’s comparison is between the Dango M1 Rail and Trayvax Contour wallets. This type of wallet can be carried in the front or back pockets, but you will have more success protecting your valuables in your front pocket. Fitted with an aerospace grade aluminum pen with space ink and a 48-page Dango notebook to jot down notes. They are both very solid products made in the United States. You have to choose your EDC gear carefully as you only have so much room on your person. A minimalist wallet made in the U.S. We personally like the Tobacco Brown leather. You can also detach the multi-tool from the wallet so that you can carry it separately or leave it at home when traveling by air. EDC stands for everyday carry and it’s the tools and gear that you have with you at all times throughout the day. There are many things to consider such as functionality, preference and what you intend to use it for. Some are made from high-quality leather, others from tough stainless-steel and then you have wallets such as the. There is a bottle opener on the front of the wallet, as well as a wide space for ID. This is a legendary minimalist wallet that will make your traveling partners green with envy. Also, some front pocket wallets come with accessories such as the Armour Supply Tactical Wallet and the included multi-tool.