A sturdy chain link or a tall wooden fence is your best bet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY_SEijvTw0. Converting a shed into a defensive structure is also very simple. The first action item is simple, you can’t fight, or survive for that matter,... 2 – Build An Arsenal. You need time to find people, and you need time … , both of which occur more often than any of us would care to know. Find like minded people (preferably before SHTF). This is where the next layer of your home defense becomes important. Tactical.com receives compensation for linking to these products and sometimes this influences our decision on what products we recommend or link to. They say disasters bring out the best in people. What happens if a zombie gets past your perimeter defenses? , China is now ahead of Russia as the biggest state sponsor of cyber attacks on the west, and are using increasingly sophisticated and complicated measures to hack into government departments to steal information and breach cyber defenses. Not Defending Your Home Well Enough; Mace Wireless Home Security System. You need to have the means to defend yourself. How do you go about accomplishing this? In other words, try to invest in rifles that, Consider a bolt action rifle over semi-automatic rifles. Burglar alarms are excellent but be prepared to have a variety of perimeter security measures in place. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Handguns are small and come in a variety of calibers. can range from something as simple as stashing a few Go Bags in places you can get to in case you need to run, or something as advanced as a secret tunnel you can use to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. A modified closet or walk-in space will work just fine. In other words, you’ve got everything covered to ride out any SHTF scenario! Put up burglar bars on the inside. Tuckable Holsters: Options for Wearing a Gun under Tucked-in Shirts, Shooting from the Ground: An Overlooked Skill, You Are on Your Own: Inspiring Others to Prepare, 15-Year-Old Comes Home, Finds Guns Stolen, Shots Fired Through House, Is Full-Auto Overrated? This may be difficult if you have curious kids at home, but there are endless places to stash your defensive tools. When defending your home, your primary goal should be to keep any and all attackers outside. Affiliate Disclosure - Tactical.com receives compensation from affiliate partners for placing links to their products on our website. Let us count the ways. Install door jammers. Consider buying a few long guns, such as a few rifles with optics and a few shotguns. Here’s a list of improvised weapons you might wanna check out. Electricity, heat, and running water are things many of us take for granted, but the truth is all of those things are extremely vulnerable weaknesses in terms of attack. So how can you fortify your home for TEOTWAWKI? Your #1 goal when defending your home in an SHTF scenario must be to keep any and all attackers outside of your house at all times. Well, if they still have the decency left to knock, that is. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a defensive perimeter around your home. In a plan A scenario, most people consider staying in their home, with their stockpiles, and being able to keep their family safe. Though it is scary, having a place to call home helps, but remember you have a responsibility to defend it if you start it because lives, including yours, may depend on planning and preparing your homestead in advance. First Things First, Never Spill the Beans. You can choose renewable resources such as geothermal electricity, 4 – Have Multiple Structures On The Homestead. If you have one handgun, always make sure to carry another along with it. If you’re going to build fences around your property, it’s best to make them look as innocuous as possible. If the attackers are armed and organized, you can expect them … Door jammers will buy you some precious time in case of an attempted intrusion. Converting a shed into a defensive structure is also very simple. Fortify Your Entry Points. Once word goes out that your house has everything people need when SHTF, expect everyone and their brother to come knocking at your door! Just have a supply of +P load ammunition for its stopping power and regular wadcutters to have a surplus. So it’s essential that you have rooms where you can retreat to when your home defense fails. Of course, other household items and construction supplies, such as a fire extinguisher, golf club, baseball bat, crowbar, and hammer, can also be used as weapons. The first action item is simple, you can’t fight, or survive for that matter, without enough food and water. It might break your bank, but at least the golden horde won’t break inside your home. Now you don’t need to be armed to the teeth to be able to defend your home. Get updates and free content straight to your inbox. Make sure to replace them with metal-insulated or solid-wood doors. Thus, you’ll want to reinforce your door with some barricades. The notion of the grid collapsing is a menacing though, everything we know would change in an instant. Simply looking out the window to monitor assailants won’t suffice when SHTF. 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Once the electrical grids go down, be it an electromagnetic pulse, cyber attack, natural disaster; the odds are the lights won’t be coming back on anytime soon. So it makes sense to place these items in your home strategically.