Like HP, Dell is stepping away from the approach of sticking individual rubber pads along the display to soften closing. On the downside, the poor picture contrast and few vertical viewing angles can be frustrating. Among the subjects of clashing opinions was the completely new case design. VAT) for the 6-cell battery might be something you'd like to consider for on-the-go use. This was the version of graphics card in the laptop we reviewed, but the  Nvidia settings identified it nevertheless as having 512MB DDR3 video memory, which according to Dell's website is only available in the "45W" version. Depending on your needs and the amount of money you have to spend, you're the boss! The CPU performance really could have been better. When equipped with an i7-CPU, the Latitude E6420's score shoots up to 8000 points in PCMark Vantage. Only in the worst case scenario with both the GPU and CPU running at full blast for more than an hour does the temperature reach up to 37°C beside the keyboard and 41°C on the bottom of the case, which isn't incredibly hot. Devices with the same GPU and/or Screen Size, Devices with Same Screen Size and/or Weight. The lid looks pretty neat, too; with Dell’s signature logo across the middle. The matte screen surface prevents reflections from overshadowing the picture and combined with the high brightness, it makes for always discernible screen contents, even in direct sunlight. And for attaching an external monitor there's only one way to go, HDMI. CPUs as powerful as Intel Sandy Bridge quad-core processors and the optional dedicated Nvidia NVS 4200M graphics card allow for a broad spectrum of use. During our hardware stress test, we measured a GPU temperature of up to 99°C, which seems to high for the 45W version of the NVS 4200M running at its maximum clock rate (and this seems to go along with what the Dell representative told us over the phone about there not being a 45W version available for the E6420). The WXGA+ display from the preceding model, the E6410, is just about on par with this. Just be prepared to pay for all of the best options if you want a real powerhouse. Our teaser article about Dell's new business line-up from a few weeks ago stirred up an unusually high level of controversy in our forums. Our in-review configuration consists of the Intel Core i3-2310M, the smallest of the available Sandy Bridge CPUs, paired with the Nvidia NVS 4200M ("35W"). The last thing we test for regarding the display was the range of viewing angles. Dell Latitude E6420 Screen, Speakers, Keyboard and Touchpad. It's already well known what the Intel Core i3-2310M is capable of. The Dell Latitude E6420 comes with one of three types of 14" displays, that is, the screen measures 36 cm diagonally. One of the big strengths of the Dell Latitude E6420 is its potential battery life. These will be—among others—the main criteria for the following review since you can argue about which design is better until the cows come home. The particular model of SSD is not mentioned on the website, which is cause for concern since SSDs can differ quite considerably in their price-to-performance ratios. Around the corner at the back, we continue with an RJ45 Ethernet port and the power connector. Taking a look at the competition, Lenovo's new Thinkpad T420 remains loyal to its predecessor, the T410—the design shows only minor modifications. Business professionals know that security cannot be overlooked when choosing a laptop. HP and Lenovo, however have the right idea in this regard, both the 8460p and T420 have a Displayport. Also coming soon is a review of the less expensive Latitude E5420, also a 14" business notebook with an HD display. The very resource-efficient football classic can even be played in HD (1366x768) while retaining a smooth enough frame rate. When we pressed down on the chassis and around the palm rest, it didn’t budge. A few things have changed here from the previous model. Old-school businessmen might shake their heads at the following few paragraphs, but we still want to see how the Nvidia NVS 4200M graphics card can handle some newer video games. HP, meanwhile, presents us with the complete opposite of Dell's design in the form of their new Elitebooks. The same is true for case depth: the front of the E6420 juts out  about 10  mm when placed side-by-side with its rivals. It can be upgraded with up to 8GB of memory. After that come two USB 2.0 ports and a combined USB/eSATA port. At a base clock rate of 2100 MHz, the chip lacks the appealing Turbo Boos feature of its i5 and i7 cousins, but thanks to Hyper-Threading can still simulate two virtual cores in addition to its two real cores, thereby making multicore-optimized applications run a good deal faster. HP's model with the smallest possible 3-cell battery comes to 2.07kg, the same as the Dell E6420 with a 4-cell battery. On top of that, due to a possible error in the description of the GPU, the online shop offers 45W TDP graphics card, how will the laptop be sufficiently cooled with such powerful hardware in place? The Dell Latitude E6420 has a lot going for it: stylish looks, a great keyboard, epic battery life, and solid performance. The reinforced steel hinges are also very sturdy; we don’t suppose they’ll give users any problems whatsoever. It's true that our excitement had already come and gone by the time our forums became the scene of a heated debate about the Latitude's new design. Unlike many of its competitors, Dell proudly displays a bit of this magnesium frame peeking out of the notebook along the side edges. Nevertheless, because of the overall very bright screen, differences in illumination cannot be detected with the naked eye. Each time the hard drive retrieves a piece of data, you hear this clatter, which can be irritating within an otherwise quiet environment. Keystrokes are firm, requiring a fair amount of pressure before they plop down, which gives them a very easy-to-feel pressure point. After my studies at the Vienna Technical University I dedicated myself completely to the project Notebookcheck as a co-founder. With the basic configuration, the CPU comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card. Please share our article, every link counts! Soon we'll also have a review of the lower-resolution HD display version (1366x768) of the E6420. The user meanwhile remains unaware. The CPU's performance is akin to older top-of-the-line Penryn processors (P9600) and in some ways can even outdo some of AMD's currently most powerful processors (N640, N660). It's disappointing that no USB 3.0 port is on board. For a business notebook like the Latitude E6420, there are naturally lots of options available regarding the hard drive. Of course, the eSATA port offers faster transfer rates than USB 2.0, useful for transferring large files like when backing up data onto an external hard drive. The other surfaces consist of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The base plate and case surface around the keyboard are joined to this frame and fastened to it with screws: "Unibody Lite" if you will. The best example of this is the Thinkpad T410s (580M/NVS 3100M), which boasted an impressive 10926 points when equipped with a solid state drive. Dell calls this composition Tri-Metal and refers multiple times to its adherence to various—albeit not very convincing—military standards. According to Dell, the display lid hinges are composed of tough steel, which is however not visible on the surface—as is the case with Lenovo Thinkpads—but is rather covered up a by a layer of magnesium. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. Eating up only 7-13W of power makes the above-mentioned battery life values possible. This model can be upgraded to respond to multi-touch gestures for an extra 70 Euro. neither Adobe RGB nor sRGB are covered. There's also a lot of selection when it comes to the graphics card. The level of system noise and temperature under light office use is acceptable.