Denon AVR-X4500H Review: IMAX Enhanced Powerful 9.2 Channel AV Receiver. Today, the Denon brand is synonymous with outstanding audio and video components that meet the highest technical standards. Denon 4500 is an upgrade of the much loved AVR-X4400H that came out before it. It seems the Denon 4000 series can handle 4 Ohm better than 3000 series. PRODUCT: Nine-channel Atmos AV receiver. From S&V measurements the AVR-X4200W offer 216 W into 4 Ohms, 2 channels driven, 0.1% THD, while for the AVR-X3400H it is 145 W. Both are 7 channel receivers, but the successors to X4200W (2015 model) now have 9 channels of amplification, so I'm unsure if the successors handle 4 Ohms as well. Shares. By. For some, it’s a step too far of course, as being able to flick through endless CD cases is part and parcel of being a mobile DJ. Denon 4500 Reviews . Thankfully, you don't have to shell out a ton to land yourself a functional and great-sounding surround sound controller. As long as users who have used and tried, Denon AV receiver knows the company’s main features. Denon’s receiver not only can show excellent movie surround sound but also the sound quality of music is not inferior to Hi-Fi amplifiers of a similar price. Denon AVR-X3500H review Denon is king of the AV receiver Tested at £899 / $999. 04 December 2019. Love it or hate it, the AVR-X4500H is an epitome of quality and crystal clear sound enginuity. Twitter. Pinterest. LINE. … By What Hi-Fi? PEERS: Yamaha RX-A3080; Onkyo TX-RZ830. Manufacturer: Denon; Review Date: August 31, 2018 00:00 ; MSRP: $999.99; First Impression: Gotta Have It! The AVR-X3500H represents further gains for Denon in the home cinema market, with added features and even more powerful performance. Denon 4500 - 1150 Denon 3700 - 1150 Edit**** Thought id add, i have a 7.2.2 setup at the moment, Front Left and Right: Synergy F1 (F1SFBK) 8 ohm 100 Watt (2) Front Center: Synergy C3 (C3SCBK) 8 ohm 150 Watt (1) Sides, Backs: R14M 8 ohm 50 … Facebook. Gordon Lyn. But for a very great many people, this is a quantum shift in workflow, akin to moving from vinyl to CD and mustn’t be trivialised or overlooked. Comments (0) Our Verdict. AV INFO – DENON AVR-X4500H Review. Denon is pretty well-known for their high-quality home audio products, and their all-in-one AV receivers are no exception. So to a lot of us, Denon upgrading their massively successful DN-D4500 to add USB might be a bit coma inducing. Denon’s latest nine-channel Dolby Atmos AVR not only has the might to do justice to warring orcs, but it offers an impressive roster of functionality, from class-leading connectivity to all … Above the-seven channel AVR-X3500H, below the 11-channel AVR-X6500H. Linkedin.