Decided to get a Buck 112. Considered as an autumn fruit, the sweet chestnut rarely weighs more than 25 grams. With its 8.5 cm blade, the No. Also, whats the difference between Opinel No. There is a considerable difference in size between No. 4, 6, and 10 are consistent sellers. Handle material also seems to be an option primarily on the stainless knives.-Blade length sometimes seem a bit strange. 12 (12 cm blade) and the recently-added novelty No. I'm looking at the 8, 9 or 10. Despite its small size and weight, it provides a lot of energy. EDIT: Thanks for the help everyone. What are the big differences between carbon and stainless for the blade? No.9 -No.12, the blade length is the model number in cm. There are lots of different varieties such as Marigoule, Bouche de Bétizac and Bouche Rouge. Just got it in the mail today 8 and No.9 and stuff? Opinel does offer some variants, but for the most part you just get the one blade profile. No.8 and below the blade length is longer than the model number by 0.5cm to 1cm. Honestly, I never pay attention to that but since now there's a specific choice, I'd like to figure out which one would serve me best. There is now a No. Sweet chestnuts, which are fruit trees, are sometimes called the "bread tree", since chestnuts used to be eaten as a meal by the more impoverished. So I have whittled it down to either a Buck 110 or an Opinel for an EDC knife, which in all of your opinions would be better. 8 Opinel is perhaps the most widely used size, though Nos. 13, Le Géant ("the Giant") with its 22 cm blade. "Next" Opinel may be a no 7 or no 8 in Carbon...but for now I am truly enjoying this knife.