Kale and other leafy greens greatly benefit from a nice massage before you mix them in a salad. You just inspired me to try kale again! Kale gets sweeter in the fall after a frost. to eat it. Your email address will not be published. But, kale was on sale at the grocery, and I had never really cooked it before, so I picked up a HUGE bunch (it actually took 5 minutes and two of us to get it into the bag). It’s good for your skin. I have only ever eaten raw kale in smoothies and it is unbearably bitter!! Raw kale has a bitterness that can be reduced by cooking it. mmm… I have tried kale many times in restaurants recently and have never known how to make it – thanks for the tips! But I will be sure to let you know how it goes when it happens! I know it is soooo good for you, and I really don’t eat a lot of veggies besides squash, cauliflower, lettuce, and spinach, so the more I can learn about how to make them taste edible the better! Like the one below. This is what gets the darn bitterness out that turn so many people away. You really want to get some flavors in on that last step, so don’t be afraid to go wild. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks, that is kind of what I’m thinking too. I love kale. I am going to the Saturday market tomorrow to pick up some good kale (all the stuff I see in the stores is always wilted), and will boil it up, and mix it into a lentil-veggie stew I made a couple days ago. I next went to Fred Meyer’s & bought fresh kale & spinach separate & juiced it and it was excellent. It’s so good for you!! Now I know – boil it instead! Great post . And serve! Hi! That sounds so yummy (I’m going to try yours out!) I always feel like I haven’t made enough! I like kale chips – tossed in a little EVOO, garlic powder, cayenne, and baked…holy moses, those are good! It tasted wonderful and went beautifully with the oil-and garlic pasta I made for the ‘main dish.’ Try it out. Squeeze juice of the lemon half, pour the Galilee Green Olive Oil and salt and pepper on the vegetables and toss. I’ll update you when I make it . Love kale, and it is such a healthy veg. Plus get new recipes weekly, Awesome "Life Hack" from the Genesis Story, Incredible view of the Sea of Galilee – Peace Vista, 4 cups of kale (rubbed through with about 2 tablespoons of GGOO to eliminate bitterness.). Here is a link: http://www.ars.usda.gov/Services/docs.htm?docid=25706 In short, there is a noticeable decrease in micro and macro nutrients although there is no constant percentage. Recently our daughter in Detroit shared with me a hack to remove the bitterness from the kale leaves! I have been scouring the web for info on how to de-bitterize kale. I bake mine with some sesame seeds and paprika, its like healthy chips YUM! It’s a very dark green green, and, if you have experience cooking (or…eating), you know that dark greens can often be a bit bitter. It’s a very dark green green, and, if you have experience cooking (or…eating), you know that dark greens can often be a bit bitter. I steam kale and then eat it with a few pine nuts sprinkled in. Love your style and blog-have never tried kale but will do so now! Delicious! Lol, I LOVE kale! In fact, massaged kale salads keep well overnight in the refrigerator and there will likely be no hint of bitterness but all the same nutrients! I look forward to following your blog. Thx. Country folks have been eating them for years. The kale was absolutely awful. (picture stole from here, I sadly didn’t take any pictures that night). Ironically, bitter foods like kale, dandelion greens, and broccoli rabe, are usually some of the healthiest, and most detoxifying foods…if only we could get past the taste. And be sure to have plenty of corn bread to soak up the pot liquor. I don’t blame them, really, it is a pretty bitter vegetable if you don’t cook it right. Thanks for liking my post. Hmm, I actually haven’t tasted the broth. Jorginho to incorporate kale chip in my diet, roasted them with olive oil and salt, but still a little bitter, any suggestions, Thank-you! Then, one day for dinner, I got out the kale. I have it in a green smoothie everyday (with a bit of raw honey to counteract the bitterness). The secret? Enter your email address to subscribe to Hungry & Fit and receive notifications of new posts by email (and we'll love you forever). I don't find kale bitter unless it is old. I’ve never quite gotten used to the texture of boiled leafy vegetables…. It’s funny that I’ve just seen this post as I was just telling some friends that I refuse to cook kale (but mostly because I have no idea what to do with it). and it makes me happy to see others who are giving kale a shot! Encourage your family members and friends to come out of hiding when they hear the word ‘kale’ with a great way of cooking them. I am going to try it again today. I am hoping that by cooking it I will be able to enjoy it. We loved it because of its nutritional and health value.. but like many people we found it a bit too bitter. Back to the Basics: How to Cook an Artichoke, Eating Kale: Fear the Bitterness No Longer.