405 N Main St, Magnolia OH 44643 Phone: 330-698-0527 Both rams and ewes have beautiful horns, the horned dorset rams are much larger with more spirals. dorper sheep in California at AmericanListed.com – Classifieds across California. 1890 US Route 322, Orwell OH 44076 Cell: 419-889-5324 2730 St Rt 557, Baltic OH 43804 St. Helens in Amboy, WA. WD SEF PBWD Phone: 419-368-0519 Phone: 740-998-2247 L&K Sheep Company ~ Flock Name: L and K Sheep Co WD PBWD 10356 County Road 30, Dunkirk OH 45836 Phone: 419-306-2451 Cell: 419-889-5324 Email: [email protected] Ema: [email protected], David D Miller ~ Flock Name: David D Miller Email: [email protected], Canfield Family Farm ~ Flock Name: Canfield Family Farm D PBD C 17987 Nunda Rd., Howard OH 43028 If you choose to raise Dorset Horn sheep, you are helping ensure the survival of future generations of this incredible animal. Rams are purchased yearly from Dell Dorpers near Moama, with the some of the main selection criteria being growth rat. Email: [email protected], Hannah Rutledge ~ Flock Name: Calico Rock Farm Post your classified ads for free at Farms.com PBD=Purebred Dorpers 3355 Cemetery Rd., Saint Paris OH 43072 WD PBWD They gain weight on pasture, and are grateful when you bring them alfalfa as a special treat, but do not need the supplemental feed required by other breeds, and they never need grain. We are a Christian family here at Clark Farm. 3516 Heck Rd, St Paris OH 43072 Fax: 330-698-0412, Chris Thompson ~ Flock Name: Blue Bird Valley Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale - buy and sell classifieds for sheep and goats. Phone: 419-575-2699 Email: [email protected], Reynolds Farms ~ Flock Name: Duck Farm Dorpers Phone: 937-373-2405 PBWD= Purebred White Dorpers PBD PBWD PWD C They are often referred to as the “mother breed” of sheep because they are an ancient breed that has unique lambing potentials and incredible motherly instincts. Website: www.riverwoodfarms.com, Shelby Ruckman ~ Flock Name: SNR Fax: 573-696-2030 Phone: 937-215-2411 Email: [email protected], Open Gate Farms ~ Flock Name: Open Gate Farms 5897 North Darlington Rd., Bellville OH 44813 1525 S Millborne Rd., Apple Creek OH 44606 Cell: 740-466-4587 Phone: 937-780-4173 LIVE SHEEP FOR SALE. Dorset horn sheep thrive on a grass fed diet. Email: [email protected], Bessis L Ulrey ~ Flock Name: BLU Phone: 937-884-7057 Phone: 419-306-2451 Once you submit your order, full  details for payment will be sent to you by email  or sent via text using the phone number you are to provide . Email: [email protected], Owen C Schlabach ~ Flock Name: Bridgeway Farm Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] D SEF S=Semen Email: [email protected], Riverwood Farms ~ Flock Name: RF Phone: 937-780-4173 Phone: 330-866-2210 We are part of both the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida as well as the Dorper Sheep Society of America. Dorper Sheep sheep for sale Horned Dorsets are listed as an endangered breed with an estimated global population of less than 5,000. 7305 Reynolds Rd., Wayne OH 43466 Phone: 740-501-9548 Phone: 330-897-1152 Website: www.dorsetsndaylilies.com, Dorothea & Gary Henry ~ Flock Name: The Henry Ranch Many shepherds choose to breed dorset horn rams to their sheep in order to add these desirable traits to their flocks. Horned Dorsets are prolific, loving mothers and great milkers, have high quality wool, are extremely hardy, versatile, adaptable to many climates, and  their large size make the Dorset horn sheep a true multi-purpose breed. D WD S PBWD PWD Phone: 912-215-2411 Fax: 614-885-2851 Uranquinty, NSW. PD=Percentage Dorpers Email: [email protected], Michael & Kathleen Durant ~ Flock Name: Conset Bay Farms 3516 Heck Rd, Saint Paris OH 43072 Dorset horn sheep have lambs all year long, especially in the fall, and we’ve seen ewes lamb twice in one year. I have focused on a sheep that matured quickly. If you choose to raise Dorset Horn sheep, you are helping ensure the survival of future generations of this incredible animal.