All these achievements are under the leadership of Dr. Toh Soon Huat. Even though he was once deprived of an education because of financial constraints, Mr. Toh did not let this faze him. I was very glad to be admitted. Reporter: Nice to meet you, Chairman Toh. “It was only 21 years oldt. I really cannot bear to see it shutting down. Every word in the books is his heartfelt voice, “Choose Sian Chay out of compassion, choose to accept out of release, choose to shoulder the responsibility out of karma, choose to contribute out of gratitude, choose universal love out of life.”. I think one should do it now.”. He has committed to the verses and is very swift in his ROM solemnization. He introduced some corporate management and operations  and developed core values for Sian Chay, which are Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing. His beloved father, the late Mr Huang Yuhuan was the Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution in 1960s. Toh, Soon Huat was born on June 30, 1960 in Singapore. Prior to this, Dr Toh served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Novena Holdings Limited, … It is a Singapore-based investment holding company which operates through its three segments, International Property Development, Information Technology Related Businesses, and Capital Market Services in Singapore, Australia and the United States. For one, retail investors are now less likely to participate in speculative trading. He is committed to bring more love and compassion to the world. My friend refused to invest his share of $30,000 when mine was lost. This venture would eventually become Novena Holdings, now known as Viking Offshore and Marine Limited. “Maybe it’s due to my mother’s influence, I feel that it’s my life commitment to help more people.” Toh Soon Huat sold his listed company, sold two of his three cars . “Two of my sisters among our 12 siblings were adopted. Very special thanks for taking our interview in your busy schedule. He is the founder of Novena Holdings Ltd which was renamed Viking Offshore and Marine Limited in 2010. “I got to know some vendors and clients during the business. Dr Toh, Founder of Novena Holdings Limited and Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution. “That school is very strict in admission, only accepting top students. Toh took over “Sian Chay Medical Institution which is a charity organization with over a century’s history. Dr Toh is the Executive Chairman of Novena Foundation, an investment holding company and a Non-Executive Director of SGX-listed Jubilee Industries Holdings Limited. The childhood of Toh Soon Huat was extremely difficult. He proved that it is never too late to improve yourself, by earning a PhD in Business Administration for professional studies at Southern California University in Santa Ana, USA in 1999. Education Doctor of Philisophy in Business Administration, Southern California University, 1999. He also championed free services at all TCM clinics for all Pioneer Generation card holders. Dr Toh Soon Huat is the Executive Chairman of Novena Foundation, an investment holding company and a Non-Executive Director of Jubilee Industries Holdings Limited. Novena was established as one of the leading local retailers in home furnishings with a fairly large retail network in the region. But to me, Sian Chay is a TCM charity organization for helping the poor and benefiting the poor. One could never really understand how it feels like being poor if one has never experience poverty.”. 2 talking about this. He actively promotes the beliefs of “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. I felt that I should not spend their money anymore. He publicise this quote on his name cards and his books, and shares with friends frequently. Life is so unpredictable. Stay in the know with Spiking’s stock picks of the week by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, here. The experience of helping Sichuan after earthquake helped Toh Soon Huat find new meaning of life. Less than a week later, on June 3, WE Holdings Ltd's Chairman, Mr Terence Tea, sold 20 mln shares to Dr Toh Soon Huat. Toh Soon Huat cannot stay calm. I could not understand this and kept asking my mother why adopting others’ kids when we were already struggling to make a living. Tamara Mahmoud Ali Ghrear, Eng-Poh Ng, Cyril Vaulot, T. Jean Daou, Tau Chuan Ling, Soon Huat Tan, Boon Seng Ooi, Svetlana Mintova, Recyclable Synthesis of Cs-ABW Zeolite Nanocrystals from Non-reacted Mother Liquors with Excellent Catalytic Henry Reaction Performance, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10.1016/j.jece.2019.103579, (103579), (2019). Regardless of how his title changes, the only thing that is constant is his faith in pursuit of excellence, his perseverance and compassion. “The minimum age of having a job in factories was 18 years old. This was preceded by an increase of 14.2 thousand deemed shares of the same company in May of 2015. Justice of Peace- Mr Tan Peng Yam ROM Solemnization Singapore. The address of the Company's registered office is 18 UBI ROAD 4, #01-10, SINGAPORE (408616). Career Managing director Novena Furnishing Center, Singapore, since 1985. Email: [email protected] . Since 2008, Sian Chay has been actively providing flat-price Chinese medicine services to residents expanding from 12 branches to 15 branches, including one in Punggol North. I had to take part time jobs, such as picking up eggs in farm, cleaning work in cinemas, or moving bricks at construction sites, which were all manual labor. Batman Annual #17 (DC Comics) If your first thought upon seeing this cover was that it doesn't quite seem like it fits in with the rest of the comics in this post, well, you are correct. We rented a furniture store of 70 sq m. We worked day and night, doing every function from sales/delivery to financing/admin as we could not afford to hire any staff. Mr. Toh served as the Executive Director of Jubilee Industries Holdings Ltd. from April 2013 to July 2014. TOH SOON HUAT CO. PTE. He is committed to growing the network of clinics and wellness centres all over Singapore.