The appearance is similar to root ginger with a red brown skin and has a similar flavour. Anyone have experience cooking with dried galangal? Galangal Root Recipes 229,735 Recipes Would you like any meat in the recipe? Actually, the first time I ever laid eyes on the term galangal was in the middle of my cook. Any advice on … Many people think Ginger is elementary as an alternative to Galangal. It won't shred like the fresh, and I am sure that it won't be as good as fresh, but it is what I have. Nutritional Value Galangal is high in fiber and is considered an aromatic stimulant that possesses tonic and antibacterial qualities which make it a useful ingredient in homeopathic remedies. Galangal has a citrus like aroma, working extremely well with its relative, ginger. 8 galangal substitutes you need to know about The first time I ever came across galangal was quite some time ago. Unlike ginger (top left, in the picture above) though, galangal isn’t spicy, it’s in fact, a little sweet. Native of Indonesia, galangal is a member of the ginger family. In reality, they differ in flavors, but yes, they have many similarities. I was literally Ginger is more robust in flavor than Galangal; hence you need to be very careful in using it as a galangal alternative. Dried Galangal Add to cart 3.5oz - $3.69 very good substitute for fresh galangal , you can place this product in lukewarm water to reconstitute, then use as desired. Uses: Chopped or grated fresh galangal is often used in many Thai, Malay and Indonesian dishes and curries. As an instance, both offer stomach-soothing benefits to their users. Galangal adds a warm, sweet, and pungent flavor to dishes, similar to ginger but stronger in flavor, and can be found in fresh, dried, and powdered form. Galangal is a robustly pungent member of the ginger family is the primary ginger used in Thai cooking and is, therefore, sometimes referred to as “Siamese ginger.” It is also called “greater galanga” (there is a very different relative called “lesser galanga” ) and “laos root.”