Like so many other unknown edibles, Eastern Red Cedar also has a cancer fighting compound called podophyllotoxin. (more...), Located in the flint hills tall grass prairie of east central Kansas, Shepherd's Valley is a family owned diversified farm featuring organically grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs, direct marketed to consumers through three seasonal CSA subscription share programs. The Eastern Red Cedar berries are an underappreciated food. It is not a true cedar but is a juniper. Eastern Red Cedar is slightly less aromatic than some other junipers but it can still be used in much the same way. Male and female cones grow on separate trees, the male cones are yellowish brown while the female cones are shaped like a berry with 1-3 seeds in each. Eastern Red Cedar berries are related to common juniper berries but are superior in flavor. 2 Organic farms can be good foraging locations, however you should be sure to ask permission from the landowner before harvesting the berries. Eastern Red Cedar is considered a non-toxic species of Juniper, though it does contain some level of toxins. Almost any berries are fair game, including those of poison ivy. Eastern red cedar berries look very similar to other juniper berries and are not a good identification feature. The name is a misnomer. (more...), Stella Matutina Farm is a Biodynamic farm located in beautiful Grass Lake, Waterloo Township. Knowing where the nearest Eastern Red Cedar is could also help if you have a cough or cold. Eastern red cedar berries and other non-toxic junipers have been used in a number of ways. There is a longer sharp and pointed foliage and there is a very short scale-like rounded foliage. The ‘flowers’ of these conifer trees are called cones, and male cones are tiny and very inconspicuous. Some Native American cultures referred to the Eastern Red Cedar as " The Tree of Life". "Foraged Flavor: Finding Fabulous Ingredients in your Backyard or Farmers Market" by Tama Matsuoka Wong"Wild Plants I have known and Eaten" by Russ CohenUnited States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation ServiceArbor Day FoundationNational Gardening Association, (more...), USDA Certified Organic Vegetables & Flowers: At Wild Hope Farm, we are passionate about bringing high-quality, organic food into our local communities through sustainable farming. One way to identify junipers from other evergreens is to notice the distinct difference between the 2 types of foliage that are often present on the same tree. The fragrant, finely grained, soft, brittle, very light, pinkish to brownish red heartwood is very durable, even in contact with soil. Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana; Parts Used: Berries (female cones), branches, leaves, bark; Actions: Anti-inflammatory, Diaphoretic, Expectorant, Astringent, Antimicrobial, Diuretic, Antiasthmatic, Antifungal; The uses of Eastern Red Cedar branch out into many. What is the story behind the banning of Safrole? Note: pregnant women should avoid ingesting juniper berries. Partaking of extremely large amounts of the plant or consuming its essential oil could lead to acute poisoning, although rare, which might include abortion, vomiting convulsions or death. Both eastern red cedar trees and Juniperus communis plants produce berries that are a dark blue and about the size of large peppercorns. In late winter, look for bluebirds at the fuzzy spires of staghorn sumac, along with birds like robins, northern flickers and downy woodpeckers. Although the Eastern Red Cedar is not endangered, it isn't easy to find the berries in abundance due to their botanical qualities. It is not a true cedar but rather an evergreen juniper that grows in a range of soils and can tolerate adverse conditions. All upright tree-form Junipers are non-toxic, that includes Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), Southern Red Cedar(Juniperus silicicola), and Rocky Mountain Juniper(Juniperus scopulorum), as well as others. Juniper berries are not real berries, they are the female cones that appear berry-like. They are almost sweet with a woodsy/pine flavor. Eastern Red Cedar is a dependable choice for landscaping and can be used on farms as a windbreak or in urban settings as privacy hedges. Colonial craftsman used the Eastern Red Cedar wood as a building material for both furniture and fencing. The Blackfeet made a tea from the berries of the red cedar to stop vomiting (Kindscher 1992). Another thing worth noting is that the berries take 3 years to mature and are a dark blue when finally ready to pick. Because of its resistance to decay, fence posts are fashioned from the wood. There are Southern European species of significantly toxic junipers including Juniperus sabina and Juniperus oxycedrus. Neither cedar berries not juniper berries are eaten raw; instead, they are dried and often crushed. Eastern Redcedar is an evergreen tree that may grow 30 to 40 feet tall. These berries can be somewhat difficult to find, but you should look for places where the environment is clean. The Berries were also added as seasoning to many roasted meats. Eastern Red Cedar is a common tree in New England and other parts of the Eastern United States. Eastern red cedar berries are a traditional Native American flavoring and medicine. Lemongrass: When life gives you lemongrass make tea! Native Americans often added juniper berries to food dishes and grains like flour for a hint of flavor. Eastern red cedar berries and foliage be used to add a natural flavor to meat and grain dishes. The berries were used for ceremonial rites, medicine, and consumption. Juniper berries have been used for centuries as both food and medicine. Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is a very common native plant in Eastern North America. (more...). When it’s an eastern redcedar. Native Americans used this plant for a number of things, and realizing its potential will enrich our foraging skills, See our privacy policy for more information about ads on this site, Can you edit and put what animals eat it please because I am doing a project and I need to know what eats it please, You can email me and I can try to help you find the info you need.