It's that simple. The VU offers USB power (5v) which is required to power the relay. I need help changing the font size for Garage door is open / close. Thought I'd do something a little different today and just show a demo in the video below and write out the steps to the actual project  here and on GitHub. Also, if you are using your phone at home, you must disable the wifi to test the LTE (4g), Question Thought I'd do something a little different today and just show a demo in the video below and write out the steps to the actual project here and on GitHub. In the code you can change everything as you wish. The real time part is from him. If LOW (0v) the door is closed. Check out the entire project on GitHub:, Copyright © 2010- You can do step 1 to 12. Unzip the file and program your esp8266 with the code Garage_door_yt.ino. The text zoom options appear at the top of the Web View dropdown menu – tap the smaller A to reduce the zoom percentage and the bigger A to increase it. You can google for port forwarding for more details. When activate, this one go LOW (0v) for 0,5 second to activate the coil. If my public ip address is More than once I’ve left the door open for so long, once was the whole night. 2020 - Easy Programming by Nazmus,,,,,, DHT11 Sensor (or any humidity/temperature sensor). Avoid to use 3.3v. Access the web server without know your public address: Most of service provider are given you an ip address just for a while. Welcome to the 13th Raspberry Pi Tutorial! Each button is a simple HTML form that HTTP POSTs back to the server to activate a door, which then re-directs the user back to the same page in case they want to activate the door again later. exemple: WiFiServer server(54195). And it's never been easier for DIYers to make their own home … And this address change over time. If you want to open your garage door remotely on internet, worldwide, this is how to do it: 1- You must know your public ip address. ALWAYS put the esp8266 gnd to the garage motor operner gnd or common. The ESP8266 will connect to the garage door opener’s controller through the 5V relay. -ESP8266 is coded as web server, door can be open everywhere in the world -With feedback, you will know is the door is open or close in real time -Simple, only one shortcut to make in your phone. -ESP8266 is coded as web server, door can be open everywhere in the world, -With feedback, you will know is the door is open or close in real time. You need to this with safari itself: I'm working at 300% on iphone 8plus. Thank you for this it is simple and works great. Happy 2020! Welcome to the 13th Raspberry Pi Tutorial! Ask below, I welcome all questions and comments. The internal resistor of the ESP8266 works very well) for a magnetic switch attached to garage door, when the door is open or close, Blynk notifies me, basically that is the only purpose of this switch, but very important to know if the door is open or close. For Power supply, you can use an android telephone charger. Done... check GarageDoor2.rar You will see closingTime = String("02:00") Just put your time to close in UTC format. We create a quick template which will let us simulate a button click, which is turn on the garageDoor for 1 second and then turn it back off. Again, I recommed reading the DHT section of ESPHome: Remember to checkout the Resources section below for associated downloadable content, JSFiddle links, and other resources. If not, router bail is often 30 days and ip address will change. I suggest to reserve this ip address in your router. I used an esp8266 nodemcu with a 5v relay connected normally open directly to the terminals on the back of the garage door opener unit. Have questions about the tutorial? His internal pull-up are probably also activate. Sometime, it can works but the coils sre made for 5v. Relay module can be simple or double but we are using only one relay. Thanks Yannick!kind regardsGreg Johnson. I have both. Answer I like to do and try many projects just for fun :), -SSID and router password to connect in your web server. ESPHome makes it really easy to configure the ESP modules. So, on my phone i have 2 shortcuts. You will have some variable to change in the ino file. Reply On my side, my garage motor input give me 5v. The 10 Minute Delay is for security if i just drive in or out at 10 PM. Warning it will oscillate if you fallow the other tutorials!!!! If not, it's open. Tap the picture under my name to see a screen shot.thanks Greg Johnson, Answer Share it with us! I thought size and stuff was coming from code. Your instructions were clear and your code works perfectly. Use your multi-meter to check the input of your garage door. How about adding get NTP time? Smartthings triggers the relay which completes the circuit, ‘pushing’ the garage door opener button. 3 days ago. I must enter to see the web page. Here's a quick demo of what the end product looks like: You'll need the following pieces of hardware for this project (get more info in the Github repo): Now let's connect everything as shown in this fritz schematic: You can switch the D1, D2, power, and ground pins as you see fit. It also cost less than 10 USD so it beats anything else I've seen commercially by 4-5 times the price. D2 is the input to sense the door. On ebay do a search: NodeMCU ESP8266 and relay module board. I signed up on and created an account and domainname.Port on the router is open, but I cannot acces the nodemcu.Access the nodemcu over LAN is no problem. Each day at exact time the door will close if it is open. Be aware, this input (D2) is an input of 3,3v. -Simple, only one shortcut to make in your phone. Connecting it to VIN or 3V will not work. Due to the age of the opener I haven't been able to find any universal remotes that were compatible and didn't want to spend the money in replacing the entire assembly. 3 months ago. 7 months ago. I use the Mosquitto plugin available to me by Hassio: You can find the complete YAML file here: This pin is always HIGH (3.3v). DIY Garage Door Opener with ESP8266 Module and RPi Published on: January 9, 2020. 2-You must do a port forwarding in your router. You must connect the relay board to 5V. Expect either an update to this post or a supplemental post at a future date. 1 year ago I connected together anyway and i dont have any problem. -Also, you can change the port as you wish. I'll show you how to make a simple way to do a garage door opener. This shortcut is working on your intranet only. Tool, Serial Monitor. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets. ESPHome software on the ESP8266 will trigger that relay when the correct MQTT message is received. If you do change the data pins, make sure you edit the YAML to reflect your changes! 7 months ago Did you make this project? Reply I'll check what i can do for that. As you can see, i connected the relay board to the garage door push button and D2 input to Close limit. Happy 2020! No matter what HTML code I put the font doesn’t change, I’m using a iPhone 6s and Safari browser. Start the serial monitor in arduino. This is my garage opener. For the webapp, I implement MQTT.js ( which I found to be extremely useful and intuitive. And it automatically publishes the temperature and humidity data to topics garage/temperature and garage/humidity to which I subscribe to from the web app. The upper red line show where to solder the wire, at the regulator input. How can this be made secure? I plan on enhancing this application with a a reed switch which will help me determine if it's open or closed. Just to go to and sign up, Exemple: 5 months ago, Question For … I have a 34 year old garage door (remotes lost a long time ago) and since purchasing our house 2.5 years ago have not been able to find an inexpensive solution to allow for remote access to our garage.