Enter your tracking number here to see your order status. Knotted hair can cause feelings of unattractiveness in public, and can even lead to a bad first impression. I mean we all can buy what we want from who we want, I just don't want anyone manipulating the community. So, you be the judge. Like many others here I placed my order for their special, the Pink + Blue deal for a total with discount for $27.51 on April 9, 2020. If I could give this company negative stars, I would! **If your tracking number isn't working, please wait 2-3 days and try again. If you don't have your tracking number yet or if your tracking number is not working, simply click the 'help' button and open a support ticket with our team. EZ Detangler Brush vs Felicia Leatherwood Brush!!! Whether it’s for work, a party, a date, or anything in between - our EZ Detangler Brush will improve confidence knowing that naturally curly or coily hair will always look smooth, shiny, and well-defined.