Pregnant women also come under the category of those who are sick. Keywords: Fasting, Ketonuria, Pregnancy, Ramadan, Religion. Comment in BMJ. Fasting and Fidya Regarding the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mother . Interrelation of Ramadan fasting and birth weight. Azizi F, Sadeghipour H, Siahkolah B et al. Although pregnant women and those with pre-existing illness are exempted from fasting many still choose to fast during this time. Better yet, try to understand it. It’s Ramadan and every pregnant woman is confused whether it’s safe for her and her unborn baby to fast during the holy month. At the time of the study, Ramadan took place during the summer months. Turn off the TV. By Osman Umarji. Read Qur’an. The dilemma over fasting during Ramadan bothers many expectant mothers. 1. Fasting is not the only goal of Ramadan. She knows that Islam exempts her from fasting when she is pregnant but for the immense rewards of fasting during Ramadan and the fear to fast alone, she observed fasting … What does Gynaecologist say about fasting during Pregnancy period? Islamic References: Al-Mirdaawi also said in al-Insaaf (7/382) said that if a pregnant woman fears for her pregnancy, it is not allowed for her to fast. Vol. Ramadan Fasting During Pregnancy. 1992 May 9;304(6836):1247. Comment on BMJ. Background: Observing the fast during the holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Hamadan Iran. Medical Journal of Islamic Academy of Sciences. 14, No. We interviewed gynecologist and infertility consultant, Dr. Eman Ali, to find an answer to this debatable question and to tell us if fasting during pregnancy will affect the health of the mother or the baby. 1992 Mar 28;304(6830):843-4. A prospective study of 130 patients in which Ramadan fasting occurred during pregnancy aimed to explore the short-term effects of fasting during pregnancy. The Islamic law grants permission to pregnant women not to observe fasts of there is any threat to either the mother and/or the baby’s life. However, you must make up for the missed fasts, or pay the fidyah There are numerous classical answers amongst the major scholars and companions. If they cannot fast then they have to feed one poor person on each day missed in the fasting. 2004. In general, fasting for prolonged periods during pregnancy is not recommended. BMJ. Completely. Introduction While Ramadan fasting is mandatory for able-bodied adult Muslims, antenatal and lactating women are exempt from this requirement.1,2 Many women however, prefer to observe the fast even during these phases of life. Questions on whether or not it is safe to fast during pregnancy worries women often. 3. So if you can’t fast, engage in other taqwa-strengthening activities. And even if she feels strong enough to fast, then eventually it will put a negative impact on her baby. Intellectual development of children born of mothers who fasted in Ramadan during pregnancy.International journal for vitamin and nutrition research 74 (5): 374-380. I read some other scholar about missed fasts when you miss them due to pregnancy that you can only give Fidya and you don’t need to make up your missed fasts. Pregnancy and fasting during Ramadan. Is this true? It is the means that Allah has chosen for us to gain taqwa (God-consciousness, righteousness, goodness, piety) during Ramadan. A common question and concern for Muslim women has been the rules regarding fasting and making up fasts or paying fidya during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Reeves J. National Health Services published a report which said; “Islam gives clarity for all Pregnant women to not to fast during their expectation period. Take a deep breath. All month.