Ambuscade capes can be purchased and augmented by the Tarutaru Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura (G-9) in exchange for Hallmarks acquired in Ambuscade. Bonus"+3 Haste+1% Damage taken -8% "Skillchain bonus" +6, DEF:106 HP+30 MP+30 STR+20 DEX+31 VIT+42 INT+6 MND+29 CHR+24 Accuracy+37 Attack+41 Evasion+16 Magic Evasion+37 Haste+3% Damage taken -4% "Double Attack"+5%, DEF:130 HP+50 MP+50 STR+44 VIT+30 AGI+14 INT+24 MND+17 CHR+15 Accuracy+39 Attack+43 Evasion+16 Magic Evasion+75 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Haste+2% Physical damage taken -3% "Snapshot"+10, DEF:7 Accuracy+6 Attack+6 Ranged Accuracy+6 Ranged Attack+6 Physical damage taken -2%, DEF:80 STR+23 DEX+19 VIT+7 AGI+1 INT+28 MND+21 CHR+20 Accuracy+26 Attack+26 Magic Accuracy+26 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+3 Haste+4% Elemental magic casting time -5% Enmity-8, DEF:105 HP+45 MP+38 STR+19 VIT+15 AGI+14 INT+53 MND+28 CHR+21 Magic Accuracy+39 Magic Damage+55 "Magic Atk. Ambuscade Cape Choices Home Asura Asura Bahamut Bismarck Carbuncle Cerberus Fenrir Lakshmi Leviathan Odin Phoenix Quetzalcoatl Ragnarok Shiva Siren Sylph Valefor Alexander Caitsith Diabolos Fairy Garuda Gilgamesh Hades Ifrit Kujata Midgardsormr Pandemonium Ramuh Remora Seraph Titan Unicorn *Can you make … Bonus"+37 Evasion+13 Magic Evasion+32 "Magic Def. Bonus"+3 Haste+8% Pet: Accuracy+42 Ranged Accuracy+42 Magic Accuracy+42 "Store TP"+7, DEF:129 HP+70 MP+73 STR+28 DEX+45 VIT+37 AGI+33 INT+21 MND+20 CHR+21 Accuracy+46 Magic Accuracy+46 Evasion+38 Magic Evasion+64 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Haste+3% "Dual Wield"+8, DEF:91 HP+45 MP+50 STR+10 DEX+10 VIT+10 INT+26 MND+25 CHR+24 Magic Accuracy+26 Evasion+33 Magic Evasion+96 "Magic Def. Bonus"+1 Haste+3% Damage taken -4% "Store TP"+5, DEF:143 HP+70 MP+70 STR+33 DEX+16 VIT+33 AGI+16 INT+16 MND+19 CHR+19 Accuracy+28 Attack+32 Evasion+36 Magic Evasion+59 "Magic Def. Bonus"+6 Haste+4% "Regen"+7, DEF:96 HP+40 STR+12 DEX+35 VIT+30 AGI+8 INT+7 MND+21 CHR+17 Accuracy+25 Attack+25 Evasion+58 Magic Evasion+43 "Magic Def. Bonus"+1 Haste+3% Damage taken -6% "Store TP"+10, DEF:153 HP+70 MP+70 STR+41 DEX+24 VIT+41 AGI+16 INT+16 MND+27 CHR+27 Accuracy+46 Attack+50 Evasion+36 Magic Evasion+59 "Magic Def. You may receive each of the following once per month. Bonus"+5 Haste+4% Magic damage taken -4% All magic skills +20, DEF:110 HP+55 MP+60 STR+19 VIT+14 AGI+20 INT+51 MND+38 CHR+32 Magic Accuracy+45 Evasion+24 Magic Evasion+147 "Magic Def. Bonus"+6 Haste+4% Elemental magic casting time -4% Magic Burst damage +3, DEF:60 HP+20 MP+20 STR+6 DEX+6 VIT+8 AGI+26 INT+26 MND+23 CHR+35 Magic Accuracy+24 Magic Damage+46 Evasion+60 Magic Evasion+86 "Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Haste+4% "Tactical Parry"+20, DEF:118 HP+60 STR+47 VIT+29 AGI+21 INT+24 MND+11 CHR+16 Accuracy+39 Attack+27 Evasion+75 Magic Evasion+75 "Magic Def. Armor Upgrades. Bonus"+2 Haste+3% "Skillchain Bonus"+7, DEF:119 STR+37 DEX+33 VIT+14 AGI+16 INT+50 MND+32 CHR+30 Accuracy+46 Attack+46 Magic Accuracy+46 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+8 Haste+4% Magic damage taken -3% "Regen" potency +8%, DEF:119 HP+85 MP+90 STR+16 DEX+19 VIT+16 AGI+15 INT+40 MND+35 CHR+34 Magic Accuracy+28 Evasion+38 Magic Evasion+102 "Magic Def. Offline. Sorry I could only answer half of your question. Bonus"+2 Haste+4% Damage taken -2% Sword enhancement spell damage +15, DEF:130 HP+45 MP+41 STR+33 DEX+7 VIT+16 AGI+34 INT+29 MND+22 CHR+10 Accuracy+39 Magic Accuracy+39 Evasion+24 Magic Evasion+69 "Magic Def. Bonus"+6 Haste+2% "Store TP"+9 "Subtle Blow"+17, DEF:111 HP+60 MP+15 STR+23 DEX+46 VIT+35 AGI+8 INT+7 MND+24 CHR+17 Accuracy+43 Magic Accuracy+43 Evasion+36 Magic Evasion+48 "Magic Def. For example, you may only purchase enough Abdhaljs Thread, Dust, Sap, Resin, and Ambuscade Voucher: Backs to fully augment three different capes per month. Do u reach 4 hit tp? Game: FFXI. Bonus"+9 Haste+4% Magic damage taken -6% Song effect duration +17%, DEF:70 HP+25 MP+30 STR+6 DEX+6 VIT+14 AGI+33 INT+32 MND+33 CHR+46 Magic Accuracy+42 Evasion+60 Magic Evasion+147 "Magic Def. You obtain the Key Items with Records of Eminence quests. Bonus"+5 Haste+3% Damage taken -1% Critical hit rate +3%, DEF:118 HP+45 MP+29 STR+20 DEX+35 VIT+16 AGI+23 INT+15 MND+21 CHR+15 Accuracy+38 Magic Accuracy+38 Evasion+33 Magic Evasion+53 "Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Haste+5% Critical hit rate +5% Pet: Accuracy+25 Ranged Accuracy+25 Magic Accuracy+25, DEF:100 HP+57 MP+53 STR+33 VIT+19 AGI+34 INT+29 MND+15 CHR+10 Accuracy+27 Magic Accuracy+27 Evasion+24 Magic Evasion+69 "Magic Def. Ambuscade cape 101? This category consumes Hallmarks or Badges of Gallantry upon redemption. There is a monthly limit to the number of items you may purchase with Hallmarks or Badges of Gallantry. Bonus"+5 Haste+4% Pet: Accuracy+24 Ranged Accuracy+24 Magic Accuracy+24 Haste+6%, DEF:96 HP+57 MP+38 STR+20 DEX+30 VIT+26 AGI+23 INT+15 MND+14 CHR+15 Accuracy+38 Magic Accuracy+38 Evasion+33 Magic Evasion+53 "Magic Def. This page was last modified on 22 June 2020, at 22:13. Ambuscade is a new type of battle content wherein the enemies within change every monthly version update, first released in the April 5th 2016 Version Update.. Ambuscade has a variety of difficulty levels, so everyone from seasoned veterans to those just starting out should find a challenge equal to their needs. Abdhaljs Nugget x5 (3,750 Total Hallmarks / 12,500 Total Gallantry) Posts: 328. Abdhaljs Anima x5 (7,500 Total Hallmarks / 22,500 Total Gallantry) Bonus"+5 Haste+9% Weapon skill damage +3%, DEF:75 HP+30 STR+20 DEX+23 VIT+15 AGI+26 MND+3 CHR+20 Accuracy+24 Attack+24 Evasion+96 Magic Evasion+75 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Haste+2% Physical damage taken -1% "Snapshot"+5, DEF:106 HP+25 STR+24 DEX+30 VIT+15 AGI+28 INT+12 MND+19 CHR+20 Accuracy+42 Attack+38 Ranged Accuracy+42 Ranged Attack+38 Evasion+49 Magic Evasion+53 "Magic Def. Forum » FFXI » Jobs » Dragoon » Ambuscade cape choices . Bonus"+2 Haste+3% "Skillchain Bonus"+3, DEF:109 STR+29 DEX+25 VIT+14 AGI+16 INT+42 MND+32 CHR+30 Accuracy+28 Attack+28 Magic Accuracy+28 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+6 Haste+4% Elemental magic casting time -3% "Occult Acumen"+7, DEF:119 HP+68 MP+53 STR+16 DEX+19 VIT+19 AGI+16 INT+43 MND+33 CHR+32 Magic Accuracy+28 Magic Damage+58 Evasion+38 Magic Evasion+69 "Magic Def. Bonus"+39 Evasion+13 Magic Evasion+69 "Magic Def. Bonus"+4 Haste+2% "Store TP"+9, DEF:62 STR+25 DEX+28 VIT+3 AGI+26 INT+33 MND+21 CHR+34 Accuracy+42 Attack+42 Magic Accuracy+42 "Magic Atk. Armor available from Ambuscade offers very high accuracy Item Level 119 variants on Salvage, Nyzul Isle Assault and Limbus Armors; and much like Item Level Abjuratory Armors, does not require level 75 nor level 99 versions in order to be obtained. Bonus"+3 Haste+6% "Martial Arts"+10, DEF:136 HP+100 STR+37 DEX+33 VIT+31 AGI+25 INT+20 MND+17 CHR+25 Accuracy+40 Attack+28 Evasion+89 Magic Evasion+69 "Magic Def. Armor from Ambuscade is not augmentable.Armor from Ambuscade is upgradeable; Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura at (G-9) handles the reforging process. Bonus"+6 Haste+2% Elemental magic casting time -6% Converts 11% of damage taken to MP, DEF:6 Magic Accuracy+6 Magic Damage +12 Elemental magic casting time -3%. 1. Bonus"+6 Haste+4% Damage taken -4% "Double Attack"+4%, DEF:101 HP+22 MP+14 STR+16 DEX+42 VIT+30 AGI+11 INT+14 MND+26 CHR+19 Accuracy+25 Magic Accuracy+25 Evasion+19 Magic Evasion+37 "Magic Def.