Ingredients: ½ oz Baileys; ½ oz Fireball; ½ oz Butterscotch Schnapps; Cinnamon Sugar; Fill your shaker halfway with ice and add the Baileys, Fireball, and … holidays. Or Afternoon. get the recipe. year-round. Sort by. Delish. 1 part Fireball whisky; 1 part Irish cream; 2 parts coffee liqueur; 3 parts butterscotch schnapps; This recipe works well, as it has lots of creaminess and sweetness from the Irish cream plus coffee liqueur to temper the bite of Fireball. Half and Half: Baileys and Irish whiskey See recipe Pro tip: Add an extra kick by using Fireball in place of regular whiskey. party-occasions. a - z. z - a. Reset. spring-summer. If you're not convinced, all the more reason to see for yourself with these butterscotch apple cider shots. Recommended. Recipe for Buttery Nipple pudding shots is a take on the slippery nipple combining Top off your favorite hard seltzer with a Fireball shot for some extra firepower. 5 Fireball Pumpkin Pie Shots. Recipes to Ignite the Nite. Last but not least, try this recipe which includes the ever-popular Fireball. Fireball Oatmeal Cookie Drink. Fireball … Filter by Tags. fall-winter. ... Butterscotch is the new caramel. Fireball French Toast. 3. Irish Flag: Creme de menthe, Baileys, and brandy See recipe Pro … the-dragon-recommends.