But Hinduism is really two religions: "thick" for the masses, "thin" for the sages. hinduism is not bounded by any kind of practice or believe it helps us to achieve our wisdom by following it. We need not be born again; rather, we must merely wake up to our innate divinity. Kreeft outlines the main theological and practical differences, as well as the important common elements, between Christianity and Hinduism. However, there are some tenets to Hinduism that are universal to all Hindus. Again, the Jews are unique in identifying the source of morality with the object of religion. Recommended: Notable Converts From Hinduism To Christianity. If God is in everything, God is in both good and evil. National Catholic Register. Reprinted by permission of the author. The Influence of Hinduism on Mathematics and Astronomy in Europe . In Hinduism, morality is practical; its end is to purify the soul from desires so that it can attain mystical consciousness. Eastern religions are esoteric, understandable only from within by the few who share the experience. On the contrary to Hinduism, the origin of Christianity can be traced to at least two thousand years. Hinduism paves the way for heaven through the performances of rituals. For Hindus, religions are human roads up the divine mountain to enlightenment — religion is relative to human need; there is no "one way" or single objective truth. Kreeft, Peter. Rabi tells the remarkable story of his journey to Christ in the book, “Death of a Guru” which has gone through several publications. Mysticism is fundamentally a matter of intellect, intuition, consciousness. I can never really be alienated from God by sin. If free will is illusion, so is sin. There Is no separate ego. Only Christianity is both. The first difference between Hinduism and Christianity is that Hinduism embraces Christianity as a valid religion whereas the Bible does not. It would be doing Hinduism an injustice to reduce its theology and philosophies to a scope that would be required to truly offer a comparison with Christianity. Individuality is illusion according to Eastern mysticism. Only Hinduism and Christianity are both "thin" (philosophical) and "thick" (sacramental and mysterious). He is the author of many books (over forty and counting) including: Ask Peter Kreeft: The 100 Most Interesting Questions He's Ever Been Asked, Ancient Philosophers, Medieval Philosophers, Modern Philosophers, Contemporary Philosophers, Forty Reasons I Am a Catholic, Doors in the Walls of the World: Signs of Transcendence in the Human Story, Forty Reasons I Am a Catholic, You Can Understand the Bible, Fundamentals of the Faith, The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims, Prayer: The Great Conversation: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About Prayer,  Love Is Stronger Than Death, Philosophy 101 by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy Via Plato's Apology, A Pocket Guide to the Meaning of Life, Prayer for Beginners, and Before I Go: Letters to Our Children About What Really Matters. thats what hinduism. Christianity tells you to love your neighbors; Hinduism tells you you are your neighbors. As a result, many seperatist movements have been going on in these states. Perhaps the strongest attraction of Eastern religions is in their denial of sin, guilt and hell. This fits the Eastern picture of God as consciousness — not will, not lawgiver. Light a candle or some incense and ask for their guidance and love and you will find it. This is a list of converts to Vedic sanatan Hinduism from Christianity.. Name Nationality Notes Refs Alfred Ford (Ambarish Das) American heir to the Ford family fortune One of the major differences between Christianity and Hinduism is that Hinduism is an evolving religion. Hinduism identifies not the immanent human self with the transcendent divine self but the transcendent human self with the immanent divine self. In Hinduism there are many levels of truth: polytheism, sacred cows and reincarnation for the masses; monotheism (or monism) for the mystics, who declare the individual soul one with Brahman (God) and beyond reincarnation ("Brahman is the only reincarnator"). In fact, Hinduism's pervading influence seems to go much earlier than Christianity. Peter Kreeft in on the Advisory Board of the Catholic Education Resource Center. © 1996-2019 Catholic Education Resource Center | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Sitemap, CERC is an entirely reader-supported web site and non-profit charity. The Bible is the main source of the principles and values of Christianity. Christianity believes that the evil is not created by the God. Recommended: Notable Converts From Hinduism To Christianity. Some, like consomme, are thin and clear (Unitarianism, Confucianism, modern Judaism); others, like minestrone, are thick and dark (paganism, "mystery religions"). This is a list of converts to Vedic sanatan Hinduism from Christianity. Learn about some gods and goddesses, find ones that appeal to you on a personal level. It moves on by virtue of rituals. There is, however, a universal subjective truth about human nature: It has "four wants": pleasure, power, altruism and enlightenment. Western religions are exoteric, public, democratic, open to all. The main differences between Hinduism and Christianity are typical of the differences between Eastern and Western religions in general. Even Aristotle said that "the soul is, in a way, all things." Hinduism has the highest attainment in the procurement of a place in the realm of the Supreme Self called the Brahman. Here are some examples: Hinduism is pantheistic, not theistic. Sanctity is fundamentally a matter of the will: willing God's will, loving God and neighbor. If I am part of God. He converted to, writer and Hindu activist who converted upon marrying, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 18:15. Since individuality is illusion, so is free will. Eastern religions come from private mystical experiences; Western religions come from public revelations recorded in a book and summarized in a creed. At the center of your being is not individual ego but Atman, universal self which is identical with Brahman, the All. The Roman Catholic Church acknowledges tradition along with Bible as the source for their doctrine. With a kaleidoscope of gods, there is no central creed or founder, and no universal text on which the faith is based. Nothing is false; everything is true in a way. It is not Christianity. And if sin is illusion, so is hell. Mystical experience lifts the spirit out of time and the world. Hindus are hard to dialogue with for the opposite reason Moslems are: Moslems are very intolerant, Hindus are very tolerant. The ultimate Hindu ideal is not sanctity but mysticism. She is vegetarian. Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College. 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The doctrine that God created the world out of nothing rather than emanating it out of His own substance or merely shaping some pre-existing material is an idea that simply never occurred to anyone but the Jews and those who learned it from them. It teaches that all religions are different paths leading to one goal; all religions are different means to one end.