If your Moon sign is either Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this indicates that you are highly sensitive, empathic and you may be an Empath. Full Moon is my least favorite Moon phase, it may sound weird but I have always thought of Full Moon like a crowded room with no air or when one eats too much and feels 100% full and the pants feel tight. Breakthroughs that happen during the full moon. The moon represents emotions, and sensitive souls are often very synchronized with the lunar phases. Say what? The moon and the tide regulate menstrual cycles in women and sleep-wake cycles for both genders. This Full Moon in Gemini will be taking place during a period when the planet of communication, Mercury, is in retrograde. This is what I know: the Full Moon, New Moon and Mercury retrograde affect empaths. I am affected when I need to deal with something in my life, but since most people are afraid of Mercury retrograde, I feel their emotions of it. 16. In each calendar month, Moon completes a motion cycle from the New Moon to the Full Moon. It's true. Empathic Moon Signs Your Moon Sign is the sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at the time of your birth. We reveal the monthly influences that the Full Moon has on each of the zodiac signs and how you are affected by this cycle. Earth empaths may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), becoming depressed in the winter when the days are shorter. The Full Moon is a fascinating event that occurs on a monthly basis, yet little is known about this particular lunar cycle’s impact on our personalities…until now that is!Legend has it that mysterious things occur on these evenings and we want to understand why. When I shared this information in the Facebook group for the Healing Center members, the response was encouraging. The ocean and tides affect everyone, but especially you. Your Moon sign can represent your emotions, moods, receptivity to energy and your intuition. I think Full Moon has a lot of tension about it, after all Sun and Moon face as opposites in … ... the loveliness of the moon… The moon’s effects date back to legends and mythology of ancient civilizations. Aware of the moon cycles. Animals attack each other and humans more also during the cycle of the full moon. Focus on the person or object. 1. Earth Empaths Earth empaths are a special type of empath who is keenly attuned to the natural world and all of the Earth’s changes. So the Full Moon in Gemini may have you wanting to interact with more people than usual, but Mercury Retrograde has the potential to cause miscommunications and misunderstandings. I once did. The Empath’s Guide to the Energy of the Full Moon In today’s episode I will be talking about the Empath energy, especially the emotional empath.  What does this full moon have to do with being empathic and how does the extra intuitive light of the moon affect you? During the Full Moon, empaths can feel a call and a desire to release or end certain things. You are sensitive to weather changes and the amount of daylight. Empaths have the uncanny ability to cause disruption in electrical currents. A study on London in 2007 showed that there were more emergency room visits for people bitten by dogs, cats and even horses during a full moon. They have a strange effect on electronics. Sometimes it does so on a personal level, when our own stuff comes up and affects others. Many members have witnessed higher levels of healing around the full moon. full moon effects on empaths. It was so full of emotion. As you often have noticed I am sure there are more animal deaths, particularly on the highways during a full moon. It's not unusual for an empath to experience strange glitches on the computer, a phone that dies too quickly, or the like. “I made the biggest breakthrough last night during the Full Moon. Full Moons don’t occur in a vacuum. even be your hands pulling it away from Yyes are more on edge, cranky or even acting there you will see how it is affecting healing; I no longer suffer the pains empathy.