According to Lapiere, “The term society refers not to group of people, but to the complex pattern of the norms of inter action that arises among and between them.”. Social system is also linked with cultural system. Thus, a social system presupposes a social structure consisting of different parts which are interrelated in such a way as to perform its functions. A state of equilibrium exists, when systems tend towards conditions of minimum stress and least imbalance. Sometimes we find that there is a role attached to every status. The social system, according to Charles P. Loomis, is composed of the patterned interaction of visual actors whose’ relation to each other are mutually oriented through the definition of the mediation of pattern of structured and shared symbols and expectations. Therefore such a system becomes politicized and aggressive. It means that cultural system bring about unity amongst different members of the society on the basis of cultures, traditions, religions etc. These are integrative and disintegrative and create obstacles in the advancement of integration. It is sometimes called structural-functionalism because it often focuses on the ways social structures (e.g., social institutions) meet social needs.Manifest functions are the intended functions of an institution or a phenomenon in a social system. Plagiarism Prevention 4. Parsons presents a classification of four major types in terms of pattern variable. Its functional character ensures social stability and continuity. Sociologically purpose is something subjective, whereas function and for that purpose even dysfunction is objective. It is implicit, therefore, that some should be invested with the power to punish the guilty and reward those who set an example. In the arrangement, every part has a fixed place and definite role to play. According to Parsons, there are two types of elements which exist in every system. It is bound by reciprocal awareness. Social structure has to be functional. It is to invest the actors with appropriate attitude and respect towards norms and institution, that the socialization works. Content Guidelines 2. Social system is essentially an integration system. The faiths or the faith is the result of the prevalent customs and beliefs. The social system pre-supposes a social structure consisting of different parts which are interrelated in such a way as to perform its functions. In other words, it means that social system is the coming together of different individual actors who are motivated by their aims and objectives and their needs. have played immense role in investing society with continuity. Likewise, society may be viewed as a system of interrelated mutually dependent parts which cooperate to preserve a recognisable whole and to satisfy some purposes or goal. This order, be it equilibrium or harmonious relations between individuals, is likely to be disturbed, at times, by social changes, occasioned by innovations which force new conceptions of roles and norms. The decline of societies has been very much because the pattern maintenance and tension management mechanism has often failed. It is the real basis of integration. The parts are bound by interaction. Every social system has one or more goals to be attained through cooperative effort. The expression of different social relations borne as a result of human interaction. A system performs certain roles as the players of cricket perform their respective roles in their positions. Individuals constitute it and each has place and function to perform within it. For example, there must be a process of ensuring that enough persons, but not too many, occupy each of the roles at a particular time and a process for determining which persons will occupy which roles. Report a Violation, The Meaning of Social Structure | Sociology, 6 Most Important Elements of Social Structure (508 Words). Goal attainment and adaptability are deeply interconnected. Privacy Policy 8. In elaborating his theory of equilibrium, Spencer has referred to several economic aspects, and to the industrial system, of a society which continuously adjusts itself to the forces of ‘supply and demand’. There would be a changing disposition of the parts of a society until some appropriate ‘equilibrium’ is reached. It need be a flexible and functional phenomenon. Examples of social function in the following topics: The Functionalist Perspective. Image Courtesy : These are, however, subordinated to likeness. And this differentiates one system from another. But the process of socialization develops him into a functioning member of society. Disclaimer 9. Every individual in society is functional. We have already seen different constituent units have a unity in order to form a system. Goal attainment and adaptability are deeply interconnected. They act as controlling agency of different types of human societies. Function is very relevant to action but action and function is not one and the same thing. If it is not sustained, the social order would break down. The normative patterns of such a system are traditional and thoroughly dominated by the elements of ascription. Man is born social and dependent. In brief, these mechanisms may be classified in the following categories: It is process by which an individual is adjusted with the conventional pattern of social behaviour. Perhaps the best example of a societal goal is national security. Social system has certain characteristics. The equilibrium condition, is a “condition of integration and stability”. As a result of functional relationships between different constituent units an integrated whole is created and this is known as social system. circulatory, nervous, digestive, excretionary systems etc.) Maintaining the orderliness or social system is difficult when social changes are frequent. Yet, that should not make it wooden and inelastic. Social system is a functional arrangement. The underlined unity amongst various constituent units brings about ‘social system’.