Most cultures have some word for names meaning "son of" -- called patronymics -- from the English son, the Danish "sen," Armenian "ian," and the Scottish and Irish, Mac and Mc. my soundtrap: Jasmine_Xavier ️. Or select from our list of Mac and Mc Names, below. The most famous Irish Cormac was a great ruler at Tara who was known for his wisdom and forthrightness. Along with Mackenzie and McKenna, other Mac names in the US Top 1000 include McKinley, McKenzie, and Mack itself. Bhabiie Angel on February 06, 2019: Follow me on instagram @Bhabiie_Angel @Certified_Snack . Reply. Probably the biggest difference between the two names is that Matthew has easily moved forward to given name status, while Macias is far less well-known. Let us check few funny iphone nicknames to take from and the reasons behind naming so. Perhaps its time has come. The word Maccabee is Hebrew for “hammer.” This is an incredibly inspiring name and a story that definitely implies strength and power. 5. maccheese. 16. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Mackenzie – Kenzie, Kenz, Mack, Big Mac, Mack & Cheese, Kenzy. The name Macguyre probably originated from the old Irish word odhar/uidhir, which means “dun [brown] colored.” The traditional seat of the family Macguyre is in the county of Ulster in Northern Ireland, but as the Irish emigrated to North America and Australia in droves in the 1840s, the name has become familiar, yet gains originality in being assigned first name status. 4. macme. Each generation of MacIveys in Smith's book builds upon the one before, and because of the nuances and grim realities of the book, it continues to be widely read in Florida and beyond. here are some names: 1. marcmezvinsky. They rose in revolt against the spread of Hellenism and, for a time, wrested Judea away from larger regional powers. Share Now: 56 shares. The MacRae Clan of Scotland is a proud and ancient family, and over the years, immigrants have come to the US with the last name. Many parents might not realize that Macayla is a feminized variation on the name Michael, itself derived from the Hebrew for “who is like God,” as per BabyCenter. MacArthur Johnson aka Funny Mike was born on 8 th October 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States. If you have a Mac name on your family tree, consider co-opting it as a name for your son or daughter. 3, macvinsky. The times that the baby name Maclen was found in registries, it was always on lists for boys. The show was so popular for the lead character's ingenious ability to get out of any situation with the most outrageous inventions. Despite its masculine origins, Macrae could be considered a gender-neutral name, and a slightly more complex take on the simpler name Rae or Ray. The Maccabees were the famous five sons of the Jewish priest Mattathias who recaptured Jerusalem from Antiochus IV, according to Jewish Virtual Library. One way many of us honor our heritage is by recalling the great names of the past so that they continue to live on in our children. After earning her bachelor's degree in Psychology at Penn State, Danielle made good use of her writing talent and went on to work as a copywriter, providing marketing content on healthcare and drug research to facilities around the globe. Place names are winning right now in the baby name world, and place names in other countries often inspire parents with either their exotic flair or the nostalgia of cultural ties. Funny Mike: Bio, Age, Education. When she isn't curating content for the masses or running natural birth and parenting support forums, you can find her refinishing worn out furniture or binge-watching Bravo. Sumac is more often known as the name of a smaller tree that is often grown for its looks, or as the name of a group of related trees, according to Oxford Dictionaries. 19. Hope you like these list of Funny WiFi Names if you do Please share this post with your Friends on Social Media coz sharing is SEXY!! Although the show ran from the late '80s to the early '90s, the legend of MacGyver lives on as a commonly used verb and a quirky baby name choice. Mc is an anglicisation of Mac, which means son. The Highland Scottish clan in modern day is actually comprised of two distinct branches, although certainly, scions have emigrated to various points in the world—including the US—over the years. Mortal Kombat diehard fans will recognize the name Ermac in an instant. Despite the dark tones of the play MacBeth, this Shakespearean name has lived on as a fan favorite for hundreds of years and continues to be a rare but striking baby name choice, according to BabyCentre UK.