What would be said then if the side with the old brand still out performed the side with the new on a "consistent" basis (more than one or two tests). It is certainly interesting to see, and even more so when other people also have results to share. per plant raybo,i forgot to tell you that your grandson is so adorable!!! (Do you have enough fertilizer to do it again?!!! The Big Beef on the right with Tomato-tone far out-produced the Big Beef on the left with Fox Farms fertilizer. bencjedi, I saw that episode and I have been having a hard time finding Tomato Tone in my area so the other day I went to my local Target to see if they had any Nope. Wish I had his mind! This is why top dressed fertilizer moves into the root zone. I suppose it's necessary to do a fair comparison and cost/benefit analysis. Raybo, they should pay you, or at least send you free stuff for putting up wonderful posts like this. There are marked differences. Keep it up guys!!! Just watching last Saturday's Saturday Night Live and the first skit with the crazy Target cashier showed a customer buying Espoma Plant-Tone and then the crazy Target lady commenting on it (called it a big bag of feces).. lol. Established Plants: Sprinkle 1.5 tsp. Last I checked the meaning of discussion was not 'praise everything, question nothing'. Both plants were same size when planted. http://www.espoma.com/p_consumer/pdf...Esp_Tomato.pdf, http://www.espoma.com/p_consumer/pdf...Esp_Garden.pdf. I have 2 patio tomatoes in a raised bed next to each other. When a member initiates a topic, its content is subject to discussion. This is, unfortunately, an inescapable fact. If the EarthTainer was a static pool of moist potting mix, then I could buy into your Dispersion concept - - but this is a different kind of constantly upward migrating moisture delivery system. We appear to be on different "wavelengths", as I have never made any comment on side-dressing corn, as you imply. I would think of them as a fixture, til we had people changing everything every year to validate their existence there were no problems with do my faucets all match and will my furnishings go with my floor. I already gave a couple alternate hypothesis upthread. Last year, I ran a number of "Myth-Busters Challenge" experiments with different brands of fertilizers, etc. I still think that the new formula would be more effective in ground anyway. I can probably do the empirical study NEXT year with my ETs as I don't have the cash to buy parts to make any more EarthTainers this year (and I also have old and new Tomato-Tone). Not everything has to be nailed down to the standards of a peer-reviewed journal to be useful. Still, you are doing a backyard experiment and posting results for free so I suppose criticism of your methods is a bit harsh. Herbs In the garden – use 1 tbsp. But think about it, there is 1 gallon of water flowing UP out of the wicking basket on both sides of the wall feeding the plant roots every day!. The leaves were yellowing on it and the plant was looking gimpy. I don't have the space\resources to do a scientific study either, but I think sharing the results spurs thoughts\ideas. So that will be my fertilizer plan for upcoming tomato crops going forward. But as I don't want to spend my personal time to "defend" my trials to anyone here with their own theories of Microbes penetrating through a 1/8 inch thick plastic wall, etc., I will simply post the end results of the tomatoes harvested in late August for all to evaluate at that time. I think you are a really valuable poster who not only posts stuff that helps people, but sticks around to answer questions. While the water may travel up, the fertilizer diffuses in all directions. Diffusion. That there is an open water reservoir for water soluble nutrients to disperse in simply makes the physics that much less complicated. :-) I'm trying to decide whether to buy fertilizer and which kind. Hi, I've been quietly following this thread, but now that Raybo's new seedling is in the picture, I have to say, he's so adorable, no tomato seedling can compare, no matter how much you fertilize them! Especially the swimming microbe part. Small nurseries are the only place I've ever seen it on the shelves. You have your take, I have mine. I for one appreciate your efforts. There it will mix and wick up with the water. ?Honestly trying to learn but having a hard time of it. On a personal note I really appreciate your posts. I was afraid it was still consuming nitrogen. So is the new version any better? It's just coincidental that the old Garden-Tone (which was also more potent) is producing the larger tomato plants over the new Tomato-Tone? I'll post results of my CornTainers and other crop progress on other GW threads, but will not post on this related thread again until I have meaningful empirical data of actual results later this season. Trying to control for all relevant factors when it's often impossible. Tomatoe tone vs garden tone Soilbuilding 101™ I know that prices can get high fertilizer but I paid $9 for 7lbs of Cotton Seed Meal last fall that said fertilizer.It was your advice that I ask for the cattle feed witch they were out of at the time.Now they have the 50 lb. In spite of all the blossom skeletons on it the plant continues to produce blossoms. Sometime discussion includes constructive criticism. Hey, who knows about the vagaries of open pollinated heirlooms??? Some people (as the thread has clearly shown) will look at side by side results and take it at face value, and immediately go into a tizzy about the company 'watering it down'. I have 2956 new OP varieties to try before I die, and "wasting" 2 'Tainers just to isolate the fertilizers 100% is just something I am not going to undertake. Otherwise, I for one would like to see the attacks on methodology stop. I say this because I want you to take this 'criticism' in the spirit intended. I just like looking at pictures of tomato plants and thinking about how they got to look like what they do. There is simply no way to escape this or to account for it other than with complete separation with separate containers. But that's not much of an issue, IMO. Using clones would be even better. Folks can and will draw whatever conclusions they will from the trial, but anyone with an ounce of respect for science is going to have to put the results into the 'more research needed' category. They are sold everywhere, I believe for good reason. They had wrinkled leaves but they are starting to look normal now. I see the sunlight shining between the fence slats. It may be time to change your ways, Serenity has its place, but a garden that recharges and motivates you can be a beautiful thing, If you yawn and dismiss it, you're missing out on beige's infinite subtleties and the possibilities it brings to room designs, It's still a great time to plant flowers, vegetables and even bulbs in California gardens this month, thanks to predictably mild weather, Clever concealing and distracting tactics help put your home's best face forward, Pair your wood trim and cabinets with the right shade of wall paint to bring out the beauty in both, Sure, there are books. you decorate a room per what you like, don't like the floor put a rug in your vignette, so see the contour as that. Instead, I think the comparison of the two macro-nutrient/micro-nutrient formulae could be more productive and informative. of Garden-tone per 4″ of pot diameter onto the soil along the outer edge of the pot. bag for $25.I don't know if I can find it closer to me as this feed store is 15 miles away.Garden and Tomato Tone is very pricey and you don't get 50 lb. Noone said that. I am really sorry to be saying it, but it is what it is. The water wicks up, not down, so I don't see how it can be pulling the fertilizer into the reservoir. The sticking point for me is you are using a shared reservoir between plants and there is no such thing as a nutrient plants can use that isn't water soluble therefore they are going to enter the reservoir and be wicked up without respect or regard for the physical divider in the potting mix. For potted plants, mix one part Tomato-tone to 30 parts soil mixture (1.25 cups of Tomato-tone for every 8 qt. I have a very small garden with raised beds (~250 sq ft total growing area), planted very intensively. ), [Quote] The sticking point for me is you are using a shared reservoir between plants and there is no such thing as a nutrient plants can use that isn't water soluble therefore they are going to enter the reservoir and be wicked up without respect or regard for the physical divider in the potting mix [/Quote]. I am not trying to say that you are obligated to waste an earthtainer to make it more accurate, of course you aren't! Once I have the cover crops going, it should be close to a closed system. If you notice that the weaker formula ends up producing inferior results I could see that, but I suspect that differences after 4-6 weeks will be slight enough that they can be explained by genetic variability quite easily.